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    OrazureBag_10 by janisa

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Starts:8-Jan-12 9:35 p.m. GMT

Ends:20-Jan-12 9:35 p.m. GMT


Award 1: $310, was awarded to janisa


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Uploaded on 8-Jan-12 9:28 p.m. GMT

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Creative brief

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What is the exact name you would like in your logo?

Orazure Hand Roasted Coffee

What are the top 3 things you would like to communicate through your logo?

Please see the attached file for all project details

What logo styles do you like (image + text, image only, text only, etc.)

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Do you have any other info or links you want to share?

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Brief updates

By montalcino99 on 10-Jan-12 3:05 a.m. GMT
Hi. I'd like to provide a brief update to summarize the first day and provide further direction on what I think is working. First, thank you for the hard work and creative submissions, I appreciate your time!

* I'm heavily leaning toward a design that is a Combination mark. It's possible that a Word mark will prevail, but I hope someone will design a really creative Combination that will capture the prize.

* I'm seeing some really attractive typeface. I seem to prefer something that is classy and conveys an upscale image for the brand. It still needs to be approachable though. It's like being dressed up without wearing wearing a suit.... a level of formality that is still friendly.

* If at all possible, I would like to stay clear of coffee cup/mug symbols or icons because I think they are too common and expected. A bean might be able to work if used cleverly. A plant, like a coffee tree (they are commonly pruned to look somewhat like shrubs) could work and is more unique. Perhaps you can create another icon from the "blue hour" concept itself.

* Please stay focused on using the Azure Blue, a rich gold or orange, and keeping the designs bright, eye-catching, clean (simple), upbeat.

I have provided feedback for every single design and will do my absolute best to continue that trend. Thank you very much for helping me create a beautiful logo with a big impact!
By montalcino99 on 10-Jan-12 3:04 p.m. GMT
Hi. For anyone working on ideas to use a plant or tree in the logo design, I uploaded a file on Day 2 which shows baby coffee trees.
By montalcino99 on 11-Jan-12 3:50 p.m. GMT
My sincere thanks goes out to everyone who has contributed! I think we're off to a great start and the creatives are working hard to modify designs based on my feedback, so I really appreciate that!

For now I just wanted to make one comment. I've seen a little trend that the designs are clearly communicating "upscale" to me, but they are not as inviting and they don't as effectively make me emotionally connect that this is an artisan operation. What I mean is that the logo states that I'm "hand roasting coffee" but I don't get a sense of that in many cases. It is stated but not felt. So please think skilled craftsman, little shop, friendly, inviting, simple and bright, and upscale. This might be challenging, but I hope it can be pulled off!

Thanks so much again, let me know if you have questions, and good luck!
By montalcino99 on 11-Jan-12 3:58 p.m. GMT
An FYI. I uploaded a file - don't laugh when you see it! It's a very simple sketch (you may think my young child did this but I sketched it) of a little plant with two leaves and a coffee bean at the top. Just another idea to perhaps inspire you. It's meant to look help with the "inviting" and "artisan" response I'm looking for when a customer sees the logo.
By montalcino99 on 11-Jan-12 9:06 p.m. GMT
Hi. A quick note: please do not use coffee cups or mugs or latte art in the design; it is my preference not to use these because I believe they are too common. Your time is valuable so I do not want you to waste it! Sorry for not identifying this earlier.
By montalcino99 on 12-Jan-12 1:49 a.m. GMT
All: First things first. On this site I am working with talented, creative, easy to work with, hard working people! It's impressive. This has been a blast watching ideas blossom into great logos. There are four days left in my contest and I can tell a difficult decision to pick my logo is forthcoming. If you have contributed, sincere thanks. In the next day I will work more on the gradual process of reducing the number of top rated designs as I move toward picking a top ten then the top 5, then the winner. There is time to get into the game still though. If If you're watching on the side, come on in, the water is warm!

Yes, I want it all. A design that is creative, uses the colors I am focused on, and conveys immediately to the consumer a brand that is classy, upscale, inviting, upbeat and cheerful, inviting, and artisanal. That last one, the idea that coffee is roasted by hand by a skilled craftsman, that is really important. This is the real deal, we roast coffee to order and ship immediately. We roast by using a single person's senses.. no computer controls, no industrial output and warehouses of inventory. So I need a logo that screams authenticity - "I just made this fabulous coffee, for you, old school".

Ok? Let's bring it home!
By montalcino99 on 12-Jan-12 3:15 p.m. GMT
Hi everyone. Some of you have requested more photo examples so I uploaded pictures of coffee leaves, coffee fruit, coffee sprouts, and coffee saplings.
By montalcino99 on 14-Jan-12 1:49 a.m. GMT
Hi everyone. We're starting to approach the end of the contest. The response (290 entries and counting) has been unbelievable! My wife keeps telling me it's going to be a very hard decision. I think on Saturday here in Texas I will setup a focus group among my contacts and select 10 or so designs for comments. I will also help you prepare final touches on your designs so that they can be viewed in the best light. I may also go to print shop and print color copies of some designs, put them on a wall at home, and stare at them until I go insane. One thing I would appreciate is if you have submitted a design to me, drop me a note and tell me where you are from. I think it's amazing that someone in a far off place like India is working really hard to create a logo for a small coffee roaster in Texas.... So, it's not over yet so there is still time to get in or have another great idea, but we're headed toward the home stretch and I could not be happier. I will say from the heart that this will be a difficult decision because there are so many worthy designs. Cheers. Have a great cup of coffee too.
By montalcino99 on 16-Jan-12 6:25 p.m. GMT
Hi. The contest only has a few hours remaining. Overnight some more entries came in and I'm likely not going to be able to score them in time. I think I have everything I need at this point. So, I'd like to thank everyone who helped me create logos. I could not be more pleased with how this turned out! It's been a fantastic contest and a lot of hard work by many people. I selected my ten favorite designs, I think I have a top 5-6, and I'm leaning toward one in particular that I think passes all the logo tests. My effort now is to start a focus group and gather some more opinions on the top designs. So I'm not ready to pick a winner. I know I could pick one of several designs and not go wrong, so I'm very comfortable that I will have a great logo. Thanks again and I'll be in touch.!
By montalcino99 on 16-Jan-12 8:31 p.m. GMT
BTW, I'm not sure when my website will be going live, but really soon I'll have at least a landing page up. My URL for the company will be if you ever want to check it out! Best wishes everyone, it was really fun but more importantly extremely productive with a great deliverable.
By montalcino99 on 18-Jan-12 4:08 p.m. GMT
All: I just selected the contest winner, it is the design from Sanjika. Congratulations! I would like to again thank the other creatives for their hard work. For what it is worth, I will say that there were other designs I think that were beautifully executed; I'm sorry to say that I only need one logo though. The runner ups were designs from Janisa and El Danit, and the other top contenders were from Uma, ScarlettFord, Corneile, and Rbrezel. Clearly you are all very talented! I wish all the creatives continued success.
By montalcino99 on 18-Jan-12 7:09 p.m. GMT
Hi Everyone, well there was a snag so as you heard the contest has been extended by two days. I also increased the award to help.

As I previously wrote, there are some outstanding designs already. Most of them are coffee oriented in the symbol. For the next two days I'm open to new designs and I would appreciate the focus being more about a logo that can be used for coffee AND specialty foods. Please review my brief, attachments, and updates.

My style is to work with the creatives closely so please don't wait until the deadline to submit a new design. To save you work, for a given entry, please put the logo on a black background, a pure white background, b/w on white, and include a favicon once I like the design.

Thank you in advance, I appreciate your support again. Kind regards, Michael
By montalcino99 on 19-Jan-12 3:33 p.m. GMT
ALL: Just a thought. Look at the logo for www.waltonsearch. com What if this style of logo were used, where whatever type of symbol you design has brushstrokes like this. What if you create a perception of depth like they did? So I'm not saying copy this at all! I'm suggesting two aspects of the design that I like, the perception of depth and a symbol that is attractive, simple, clean. If you combine that with an upscale and artisan approach with two fonts for "orazure" and "hand roasted coffee" and create an appropriate and unique symbol, I think it would look great.
By montalcino99 on 19-Jan-12 4:26 p.m. GMT
I don't know if this will help at all... My only hope is that if you see some logos that I think are clever, you may find inspiration for a new idea for Orazure.... So it's my idea of brainstorming with you by showing you things I like. None of these logos directly apply.. I'm searching a site called and in their gallery starting on page 6 some I find to be clever include "spice mountain", "chariot", "pink flamingo farm", "cimema cafe", "napoleon sushi bar", "tony's organic food", etc. So is there a really clever way of perhaps combining elements for a unique look/symbol? Blue hour, times of day of blue hour, specialty foods, fine foods, coffee, hand roasting, artisan food, etc???
By montalcino99 on 25-Jan-12 7:19 p.m. GMT
Thanks everyone, I picked a winner. It took me so long to decide because there were multiple great designs. Hopefully I will be successful with my company and I'll be back here again with more work. CS has been a wonderful experience, I highly recommend it, and there is a wealth of talent around the globe that I am honored to have worked with. My best regards go out to everyone. - michael