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Starts: 14-Nov-11 12:05 p.m. GMT

Ends: 28-Nov-11 11:59 p.m. GMT


Award 1: $700, was awarded to angdod

Award 2: $300

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I have invented some equipment and have a vision that I believe will take this company to the top worldwide. I am looking for some edgy, excited people to help me to give birth to the look and feel of my brand. I see this as an opportunity for you to be part of history and hopefully to even gel so well with myself and the company that we can work together into the future on subsequent projects. This is really just the tip of the iceberg and I am looking for people who will be excited to be part of it!

This is a two part project for my new outdoor gear and clothing brand.
1. Encapsulate the core vision/values of the company in a logo
2. Stylise the company name (some ideas of fonts/styles provided).

Update 15-Nov-11 GMT
Hi all,

I have received approval from the creator of the font "Infected" to use it commercialy, so please feel free to play with it knowing you aren't breaching anything :)


Update 15-Nov-11 GMT
I am not sure if it is clear in this project that the $700 award is for the logo design so I wanted to make that clear. The $300 is for the word design as I already have clear ideas there. Please remember that each element needs to be able to be used independent of each other :)
Update 18-Nov-11 GMT
I am confident that awards will be paid, I just don’t want to guarantee it. This brand is extremely important to me and I need to end up with something that I not just like. I need to LOVE it! Please keep up the good work as I believe that we will make it and this will hopefully be just the first of many projects to come :)
Update 19-Nov-11 GMT
I have just uploaded a file with some examples of graffiti art work that I like. Obviously the logo and name both need to be able to be clean and strong without fancy colors etc. But perhaps this might give you some more ideas of the sort of things that I like. There is also an example of a skate logo that I found at the bottom that is also pretty cool.
Update 21-Nov-11 GMT
I am confident that someone can provide the cleaned up version of the name if they can nail the fancy graphic style. I would really like to see some graffiti style takes on the suggested *Infected* font. No one has really nailed the look of the word yet
Update 22-Nov-11 GMT
This project is now guaranteed. Time to bring your best work
Update 24-Nov-11 GMT
There has been some really awesome work coming in late and I have been really impressed by those that have taken the time to understand the brief, look through the stimulus material and come up with some strong, fresh ideas. Having said that, it is not over yet so I am hoping to be even more impressed by the end! Please keep up the good work, keep the creative juices flowing and show me what you have got.

I would also love to see work from more creatives, so If you have not submitted anything yet, please throw your hat in the ring. Some of the best work I have seen has come in from late entries
Update 25-Nov-11 GMT
Hi all, I am extending this till the 29th as I have 3 - 4 lead designs that I am trying to decide between and I would ideally like to see them all with a few minor tweaks. I am still open to new and fresh ideas, but mostly want the time to see a few extra color and style options.

Update 25-Nov-11 GMT
Project now extended till Tuesday. Time to refine, to join or to create brand new awesome ideas!
Update 28-Nov-11 GMT
HI all,

I have chosen the logo and am just waiting on Crowdspring to advise how I award it early. The winner has been notified.

I would really like those that are interested to now focus all of your attention on the styling of the name as I may still choose a seperate creative for this.


Update 29-Nov-11 GMT
Thank you so much for everyone who participated. There were so many good entries and it was a really tough decision. As the project evolved my interests changed slightly so I apologise for any confustion. I am stoked that I have ended up with something really cool that I think represents my brand!
Thanks again :)