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Starts: 6-Aug-11 8:52 a.m. GMT

Ends: 13-Aug-11 8:52 a.m. GMT


Award 1: $480, was awarded to lpavel

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QBRüT (pronounced "cube root") is a new online startup with projects in the social-networking sphere.

Update 6-Aug-11 GMT
We're very excited to see your designs. We're particularly excited to see those that feature fonts you've created.
Update 9-Aug-11 GMT
Hey guys, wanted to share a few links of logos we love:

Update 10-Aug-11 GMT
The time is winding down, and so far we've seen a lot of really creative, novel ideas. Thanks to everyone for their input. There are some designs that could take the prize if refined, but I hope you cast a wide net by presenting a few distinctly different looks. If your look is chosen, we can tweak it together, so please keep 'em coming!

We're seeing a lot of plays on the cube/mathematical aspect. I'm hoping to see a few more designs that that show literal "cubic roots," i.e., perhaps a little plant or tree with a pixelated root structure. Again, we encourage a wide array of submissions; don't get too affixed on the math angle--it's not a requisite. ;-)

Some of the things we've loved so far:
-- sleek, original fonts (nothing too angular)
-- color schemes (or font dichotomies) that let the reader intuitively see "cube root"
-- graphics incorporated to playfully hint at the name (which can be a bit cryptic at first glance)

Some of the things we appreciate, but aren't into
-- stock fonts (there's just something about 'em)
-- logos that are a bit too busy (we prefer an austere look)

Thanks again to each of you for your fantastic submissions. Our team really appreciates your work and looks forward to awarding the prize.
Update 11-Aug-11 GMT
Hey creatives, I've added an interesting chart showing some of the top brands' color use for their icons. Thought it might be handy for this and future projects.


Update 12-Aug-11 GMT
Less than 24 hours to go! There are some very strong entries, and selecting a winner is sure to be a tough choice. Thank you all for the edits and the responsiveness to these bulletins. Color scheme has gotten a lot better in the past few days, for example. Hope to see more totally original entries and tweaks of existing designs from each of you, and thanks again for your awesome participation!

Update 23-Sep-11 GMT

We are trying to find the creative who submitted the blue/black/pink flower-cube design for qbrüt. We would like to add a second award and purchase it. Please contact me if that was you.