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Creative brief

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Who are you?

We are a six-person eco-SWAT team based in Portland, Maine. Reverb was founded in 2004 by environmentalist Lauren Sullivan and her musician husband, Adam Gardner of the band Guster.

We launched the Campus Consciousness Tour in 2006 as a way to redirect some of the light shining on popular musicians onto students and student groups. Past headliners include rising hip-hop star Drake, O.A.R., Guster, and the Grammy-winning artist Ben Harper.

More info on our team can be found at


BACKGROUND: Half music tour, half environmental campaign, the Campus Consciousness Tour aims to inspire and activate students in an electric atmosphere while leaving a positive impact on each community the tour visits. The Tour includes many greening elements and is run to have a minimal environmental footprint.

Our Fall 2010 Campus Consciousness Tour will be headlined by Passion Pit and will be stopping at 10-15 college campuses from October 14 – November 14.

The Campus Consciousness Tour is powered by Reverb (, an environmental nonprofit in the music industry that helps musicians green tours and make it easy for music fans everywhere to take environmental action.

The following short video provides a good background about the Campus Consciousness Tour:

Here's a perspective about the Campus Consciousness Tour from Drake (who's blowing up in the hip hop world right now on Lil' Wayne's label):

What do you need?

To create both a Text and Graphic logo for the Campus Consciousness Tour (CCT), a bi-annual awareness-raising (particularly environmental awareness) college music tour that will be back on the road for the sixth annual time this October with Passion Pit.

These logos should be able to go together or sit independently.

We tour twice per year with different artists. So it would be great if you could incorporate a way in the logo for us to add the name of the artist so that we can reuse the main part of the logo and change the artist name when necessary. The upcoming tour will be with Passion Pit.

Who Is Your Audience?

18 – 22 year old music loving college students, male and female, that attend large public universities like the University of Texas and private colleges like Dartmouth alike.

We visit 10-20 campuses per Tour, but also are working to build our reach online to effect students at schools that may not physically attend the Campus Consciousness Tour concerts.

We Like These Examples

Please don’t use Comic Sans, ever. We would also like to stay away from any fonts that are really stylized or distressed. It can look cool for some tours, but definitely not others. We don't want this to be too generic, but at the same time, we can always tweak what's around the logo to help fit the style of the tour.

While CCT is currently a college tour, we would like to stay away from anything that screams college, like crests or pennant flags…

We Absolutely Must Have

DESIGN: We are open to options in the way our name is displayed. The Campus Consciousness Tour has been our preference up to this point, but we are open to seeing a couple other variations, including:

- Dropping the word “Tour” in “Campus Consciousness Tour”

- Seeing designs highlighting the initials “CCT” with a small "Campus Consciousness Tour" tagline below it

- For references of other logos in the Reverb family that do this, please see “Powered By Reverb” logo (on the bottom left of and “Green Music Group: a Reverb coalition” logo (at

- Seeing a plain typeface version of “Campus Consciousness (Tour)” in the same way the Clarendon font is used on the Campus Consciousness Tour website. This wouldn’t need to be the same Clarendon font, but if we could get a typeface version along with a CCT logo, that would be a great combo.


We’d like to have the CCT logo look strong in monotone as well as color.

3 would be the maximum number of colors we’d like to see, as we want to keep our production costs down with this and keep it simple for things like screen-printing.


We have no shape preferences on the logo. Horizontal could work, as could rectangular or square.

What we know we would like is something that is bold, clean and super fresh.

Thanks to all of you for donating your time and talent to our cause.

Brief updates

By Reverb on 2-Jul-10 2:41 p.m. GMT
Just a quick overall add-on: we'd love to see logos that are legible/identifiable when small as well as large. For an example of a legible-when-small logo, check out
By Reverb on 6-Jul-10 7:46 p.m. GMT
Hey everyone! Thanks so much for taking the time to participate in this crowdSPRING "Give Back" project. It means a lot to our small, scrappy team! Thanks.

Just wanted to spit out a few additional bits of overall feedback based on what we've seen so far:

- Please refrain from using musical notes and globes.
- We're going for a modern, clean, "hip" look and feel. No hippie imagery please!
- This logo will be used for a variety of genres of music from rock to country to hip-hop on future Campus Consciousness Tours
- We'd love to see a few attempts that show an equal ratio of "CCT" to "Campus Consciousness Tour"

Thanks! And hey, if you want to get to a concert this summer for free and volunteer with Reverb, we'd love to have you. Jump here for details: