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  • Award 1
    The Victors & Spoils Logo by norbu56
  • Award 2
    logo concept by vintagestockholm
  • Award 3
    last by pigturez

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Starts:29-Oct-09 3 a.m. GMT

Ends:5-Nov-09 6:51 p.m. GMT


Award 1: $1000, was awarded to norbu56

Award 2: $500, was awarded to vintage...

Award 3: $400, was awarded to pigturez

Award 4: $300, was awarded to craigph...

Award 5: $200, was awarded to boboad




Preview: crowdSPRING Contract


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Uploaded on 28-Oct-09 6:56 p.m. GMT

Creative brief

The buyer added updates to the brief. Read them.


We are Victors & Spoils – The World's First Creative (ad) Agency Built on Crowdsourcing Principles. You can learn more about us at www.victorsandspoils.com (will be live for all to see OCT 29) and we'd love for you to check out our site, actually, even if you didn't want to learn more. Your logo will eventually inform our C.I. and be the basis of our entire look.


We need a logo for our company. This is step one for us.

Now here's some V&S; logo-creation thoughts From Us To You – AKA Tonal Brain Dump (this, below, is but an excerpt pulled from the larger brief document that's attached here):

Capture the tone of our name.
There are some interesting things going on with our name.

Consider conceptual ties potentially.
To help explain: We mean a lot when we say “Victors” – Multiple winners in the crowdsource community with each project. The brands/clients win. We win. The industry wins. Etc. We also mean a lot when we say “Spoils.” We plan to offer higher-than-normal prizes for each project.
We also plan to offer very good direction from some of the advertising industry’s best Creative Directors. Multiple prizes for contributors - not winner take all. A ranking system for involvement. A winning submission based on the community’s opinions. And profit sharing. VictorS (plural) indeed.

Simplicity. Embrace the simple. Try using typography only. Try black and white only. (Color is OK though if you want to try it.) Then work off that. We like a lot of options as that’s the world from which we come. Options help one discover and explore. And find things. So by “then work off that,” we mean that we would like to encourage you to try other more ornate/complicated things. Perhaps a center illustration. Type going around that in a circular way. Or incorporated in another way. However: Not a mandatory. **Consider please the idea of a sea or many hands in the air wielding oldschool swords. Like an illustration conveying a crowd of pirates about to charge, but you maybe only see from the elbow or wrist/hand up. Could be cool. Might be a separate element we use. Thank you for tolerating this tangent.**

Tone / Personality ~ You can think what would be the kind of logo befitting an agency that could very well turn the entire industry on its head. Because that is what we aim to do. There’s a fair amount of disruption in what we’re doing. Rebellion. Flipping things on their ear a bit.
Pirate vibe? Old English vibe? Obviously there’s a bit of that built into the name. Bounty for many winners. So perhaps a bit of the ol’ jolly roger vibe. What would go on the bow of an old pirate ship? Again, just a thought. Don't really care to wade through a million pirate logos only.
Serif typefaces. (Not a mandatory but in our heads.)
Victorian. (Not a mandatory but in our heads.)

Nothing too slick or polished. Nothing tech-feeling. No shadows or glows or shimmers. The type can and should be clean but if you use other elements we could consider something hand-illustrated or half-tone. The whole thing could feel like it’s been letterpressed or lithiographed. If you are doing dimension, think New York Post. Not funky weird computer/software-generated hackysackness.


Companies, brands, products. CMOs, brand and advertising managers. The entire advertising and communications industry. You.


Please see attached document there are a lot of examples at the end of the words - it's Microsoft Word doc, FYI.


It's all in the attached document as noted earlier. Also in the "here is what we need" section in this template. Thank you for checking that out. We are picky.

Brief updates

By Evan_Fry on 30-Oct-09 9:28 p.m. GMT

Thank you all for reading.
Wanted to give everyone some feedback at the same time and was counseled by someone who shall we say is pretty "versed" in the workings of crowdSPRING on how to do that - so here's a brief update.
I hope this finds all of you well.
First, I hope that working on this logo is fun. That's our intention here.
And thank you all for your time spent on it. Though there can only be five winners, we at Victors & Spoils envision in the not so distant future a lot of tweaks to this kind of thing - and a system where everyone is rewarded. We love crowdSPRING and love that you all are here. Thank you.

Now with that out of the way, there are a few things I am noticing as I look at all these logos. And some things I'd like to ask not to see anymore if you please.

1. If you go aggressive with skulls or pirate stuff at all, it probably won't fly. However, if it's elegant, subtle, smart - it could be perfect. But anything that feels like it could go fit nicely in a Disneyland ride or next to a Pirates of the Caribbean movie poster won't work. The jollyroger example in the brief is just an example of how I'm wanting things that are simple and iconic. Not that I want a pirate motif. Easily understandable why that might have confused though. Hey, we're all inventing this as we go.

2. Please don't show me anything that takes liberties with our name. It's either VICTORS & SPOILS or VICTORS AND SPOILS. Plural victors. Plural spoils. No "The" anywhere. Thank you.

3. Again, as for the enclosed logos I attached, they're in there more to show the simplicity. How graphic everything is. Iconic, all of them. (Sure, some more than others). But just cuz the Buzzcocks are in there and Motorhead and that pirate one, it doesn't mean, again, that I want something befitting the back of a bikergang leather jacket.

4. As we hone in on some that are working, options options options. Explore and 'version off ones' that I like. By that I mean take it as a foundation or a start and try lots of things off of it to explore further. Some of you are already doing that. And it's going well. Thank you.

A note about my feedback. I'm going to do my best right now to at least score everything. And some that I like I'll add some comments.

1. Thank you but no thanks. But seriously, thank you.
2. Not gonna work but better than a 1. But seriously, thank you.
3. Showing some potential. Keep working on it. Try versions.
4. I like it a lot. It might end up in the top 10.
5. It's hot. I dig it. Probably going to be in the running for winner.