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  • Award 1
    leaf by Dendo
  • Award 2
    ZippyKits Logo by 8workshop

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Starts:3-Sep-09 8:32 p.m. GMT

Ends:11-Sep-09 8:32 p.m. GMT


Award 1: $600, was awarded to Dendo

Award 2: $200, was awarded to 8workshop




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Uploaded on 3-Sep-09 8:33 p.m. GMT

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Uploaded on 11-Sep-09 12:56 p.m. GMT

Creative brief

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ZippyKits provide all the premeasured shelf stable ingredients to make a meal. The customers combines our kits with one or two perishable ingredients from your frig (like milk, eggs, meat) and then assemble the kit. ZippyKits assembly time takes 10 minutes or less. All our kits are healthy, fast to assemble, and delicious. Some of our most popular zippykits are: cowboy chili, pineapple pepper meatloaf, wild salmon cakes, mac and cheese, etc.

ZippyKits target busy families that want delicious healthy homemade (home assembled) meals but don't want to do all the chopping and measuring.

Still don't get it? ZippyKits are like Hamburger helper but they are healthy, delicious and super fast to assemble.


We need an amazing, cool logo that will be used on product packaging.


ZippyKits target busy families that want delicious healthy homemade (home assembled) meals that are convenient, fast, delicious, easy.

We want this audience to think we are the "it" product. That we are cool, trendy, smart, great, tasty, exiting, delicious, yummy, easy, something everyone will love.


Logos that really use the fonts as part of the design, so it's brilliant and easy to brand. I have attached the logo we are using now, but it is kind of boring and doesn't really say much. I would like it to be exciting, hip, smart!


It has to be clear and easy to read.

Brief updates

By klauver on 4-Sep-09 5:19 a.m. GMT
A few general comments for everyone based on early design submissions:
- The cartoon look to the font that's becoming predominant just doesn't quite feel right
- The logo has to look great on a box of food, and like it belongs
- They're all text based - and there's really no visual connection to what we're trying to illustrate which is fast, easy, and healthy
- I like elegant designs like our Healthy Pantry logo that's super simple but says wellness in an active visual way
- Somehow the logo needs to SAY fast healthy and tasty without using the words (so with colors, image, etc)
By klauver on 4-Sep-09 11:53 a.m. GMT
I want to refine something else: elegant but exciting and smart. The word Hip seems to have been connected to cartoon. So it should be hip such as stylish hip not cartoon hip.
By klauver on 4-Sep-09 6:19 p.m. GMT
The zipper theme is not working. I would drop that. What is working is the sense of moment in the text..because our products are fast (convenient) and that it is a food product. Adding something into the logo that signifies that is pretty important.
By klauver on 4-Sep-09 10:52 p.m. GMT
The cartoon thing isn't working. Hip but not cartoonish. See note about elegant...
By klauver on 5-Sep-09 7:17 p.m. GMT
We don't mind the leaf really, but maybe if you can come up with other way show this is food, I'd love to see your ideas. If you have questions, e-mail me...
By klauver on 5-Sep-09 7:25 p.m. GMT
We just realized, we like simple clean logos. Not too much going on and Subtle hints that it is: fast, and healthy food.
By klauver on 7-Sep-09 12:29 p.m. GMT
Someone submitted a more fast food like logo that was really simple and I was like WOW...maybe...I love the elegant over fast food but since I did have that reaction, I wanted to submit that thought too. But not cartoon like!!! And please not forks or knifes. Maybe its me but I think they tend to be overused and so I want to avoid doing the same! But sometimes spoons if they are subtle are ok...
and I am really like subtle...
By klauver on 8-Sep-09 9:01 p.m. GMT
I am trying really hard to make comments but the website is super slow and also they seem to be working on it too...but i am working on getting to them all!!!
By klauver on 11-Sep-09 12:55 p.m. GMT
Please note we are NOT asking you to design packaging. We are asking you to put it on a package. I will upload one for you to use, or use one from your pantry. We are going to be submitting a package design comp once the logo is selected.
By klauver on 11-Sep-09 1 p.m. GMT
The file is uploaded. This is NOT the final package design, but this is what we have. After we select the logo, we are going to submit a request for a package design. And after that, maybe website...