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    Logo FRDK3 by Raoul_Camion
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    FRDK 3 by Typecast

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Starts:28-Aug-08 3:49 p.m. GMT

Ends:5-Sep-08 3:49 p.m. GMT


Award 1: $250, was awarded to Raoul_C...

Award 2: $150, was awarded to Typecast




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Creative brief

What Do I Need?

I need a better logotype for my personal brand, FRDK. The current logo can be seen on the website,
I've been meaning to redesign it for a while, but I realize now that it's probably better to have other professionals do it - to get new takes on it, new angles, fresh ideas.
I am sorry that I can't offer a bigger award, but the times are what they are. Just know that your work is highly appreciated.

* There are some requirements:

* Vector graphics only

* Max 3 colors. Gradients, tints etc are perfectly useable but if you use more than 3 distinctive colors for the logo, it's too much. Color and grayscale proposals are appreciated but not required. Negative version (light on dark) must be a reversed version of the original design. I doesn't have to be white on black though.

* No stock images/illustrations, dingbat glyphs or clipart illustrations. You can of course base your design on such elements, that's up to you. But don't use stock illustration or dingbats as the main or only image element. I want a "unique" logo.

* If you use comedy or humor in your design, be prepared for it to be misinterpreted. (In other words: Don't.)

* The logo must work in many sizes, from very small to very large. The main applications are web (including 16x16 px favicon), letterhead, business card and A3 artboards, but it should work in just about any size.

* Fonts used must be licensed for commercial work. Font disclosure within the entry is a plus but not an absolute requirement.

* The logo is not required to have the name incorporated.

* It can be just a graphic, and you can suggest a font or fonts on the side.

* When using the name for a wordmark, it is FRDK - nothing else (uppercase, lowercase or camel-case is not important, nor is all caps vs. smallcaps). Taglines are not required, in fact should probably be avoided unless you can't help yourself I won't mark down the design because of a tagline, but you won't get bonus points either.

* Do not enter iterations or modifications of the current logo, or designs that are similar to it. I want a new, better logo.

What Do I Like?

I like clean logos. Examples: Apple, Nike, Schwarzkopf, Blaupunkt, Kenwood, Volvo, the Japanese flag, Coda (by Panic), Adobe's CS3 application icons
I like vivid colors, and I prefer contrasting colors to complementary colors (but, do surprise me!)
I'd like to stand out from the crowd (and I tend to go the exact opposite way of current fads)
I like dragons, but they're not required
I like good typography

What Don't I Like?

Bad typography

(Just because something _is_ cheap doesn't mean that it has to _look_ cheap. It _can_ look like a million dollars. Or [insert favorite currency].)

What Is FRDK?

FRDK is my personal design business. I am a freelance graphic designer, just like most of you. My selling point is "personal design", which really is the heart of the operation. To find out more details about who I am and other things, you can read my cS interview:

There's also some info to be garnered from my own blog: it should be noted though that the site is being redesigned at this moment and will be the first application for the new logo. The website redesign will be done with the new logo style in mind, not the other way around, so you are not restricted by any site elements. The logo comes first. Well, the business comes first, but you know what I mean.

FRDK stands for a number of things. Originally it was a contraction of Fred K, in a sort of Majakovskian/Russian Futurist spirit. The full business name is FRDK Design & Kommunikation, so the D and K in FRDK can be seen as representing Design and Kommunikation (Swedish for communication). After a while it makes sense...

Use the discussion area or send me a PM if there's anything you want to ask me.
I look forward to being wow'd. ;)

/Fred K.