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The American Society of Cinematographers was founded in Hollywood in 1919 with the dual purpose of advancing the art and science of cinematography and bringing cinematographers together to exchange ideas, discuss techniques and promote the motion picture as an art form, a mission that continues today. Neither a labor union nor a guild, the ASC is an education, cultural, and professional organization. Membership is by invitation only, extended to Directors of Photography who have demonstrated outstanding ability with distinguished credits in the industry and good personal character.


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100th Anniversary

Top 3 Things

In the coming year, 2019, the American Society of Cinematographers, (the ASC) will be celebrating their 100th anniversary. The planning for that celebration is already underway.

As part of that celebration, the ASC would like to modify their classic logo to help brand and celebrate the 100th anniversary. The design and artwork for the classic logo currently exists, and is available. You can see our classic logo on this page of our web site: theasc.com/asc/about The logo is round, gold and black in color, located below the black and white photo in the web layout.

Things in the original logo to change:
1. Eliminate the two masks
2. Consider a way to make the film strip evolve from film on the left to a digital representation of "pixels" on the right.
3. Incorporate the words "100th Anniversary" in the design.


Consider simplifying our classic logo, by eliminating the masks as mentioned earlier, but remember, this is a 100 year old organization, so we don't want to digress too far from the classic design, that everyone in the society knows well. But, at the same time, a bit of modernization, for example, evolving the film strip from "film" on the left to "pixels" on the right, might work well.

Additional Info

As mentioned earlier, you can see the existing logo at: https://theasc.com/asc/about
The logo is located below the photograph, and is round, black and gold in color. I have also attached a .jpg version of the logo.
We would ultimately like to receive the finished design in Adobe Illustrator ".ai" file format



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