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Starts:10-Nov-09 3:39 a.m. GMT

Ends:23-Nov-09 3:39 a.m. GMT


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Creative brief

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Plouton literally means 'luxury' in ancient greek, and as such we are a boutique business development consultancy based in the UK, delivering strategy and marketing support to clients at a global level within the luxury goods industry, and with a specialisation in diamonds.

We started two years ago, sticking a toe in the water to see if a business could be built and as such any collateral we developed was amateur and home-made. The good news is that the business 'works, the bad news is that we're still using poor IP. Help!

The logo should be text based, using the name Plouton. We currently include the word 'consulting' underneath the word 'Plouton' to emphasis our business skill-set, and we also use a red diamond (kite shape) to highlight our industry. Neither of these are mandatory, but designs that retain elements of our current IP will always be well received. Completely new ideas will be carefully examined but only accepted if they really get us excited!


1. A logo
2. A business card template
3. A microsoft word letter template
4. A microsoft powerpoint slide template
5. The logo will be used on a web-site, though this is not part of this specific brief and may come later via


Our clients range from mining houses to governments to manufacturers to retailers. The industry is generally very traditional and our clients expect us to wear a suit and tie at meetings - however we are not old-fashioned so the logo should reflect this and be contemporary, perhaps by integrating a modern 'device' (currently the red diamond) on traditional typography (though please don't treat that as mandatory!).

Above all we are creative thinkers, and creativity/ideas/new ways of looking at problems is what we do - we'd like a logo to encapsulate this but in a way that still portrays us as entirely professional when our business card hits the desk of a government minister or Chief Executive. In other words we have a knowledgeable and powerful, though conservative, clientbase.


We'd like to leave this blank for now as we don't want to restrict the ideas. Depending on what comes through, we may update this if the ideas are going in the wrong direction.


We'd like a strong typeface driven logo that focusses on the name Plouton. If you feel it necessary, please do integrate the word 'consulting' or 'luxury consulting' and design a 'device' (currently based on a red -web safe colour 99000- diamond shape).

We believe the winning idea will be simpler, rather than complex in look.

Plouton should probably have a capital letter (though not mandatory), but we're not fussed by serif vs san serif.

We've attached a pdf of the current (embarrasing) logo - it has a line underneath explaining the the name Plouton's ancient greek origins. This will almost certainly be dropped!

Brief updates

By ChipJonny on 11-Nov-09 4:42 p.m. GMT
Now that some entries have been posted, we'd like to reiterate that designs that feed off our existing home-made logo AND any very different ideas will be readily and excitedly digested! We are not completely sold on keeping the existing elements if a great new concept is posted. Every idea will be considered.

On fonts, we currently use an up-right sans serif because we felt it communicated a more modern feel. Our clients would include retail brands like Tiffanys and Cartier who use a traditional serif font, and we need to make them feel we are on their wave-length. Are there fonts out there that combine an old fashioned serif look with modernity? Very much hope so!
By ChipJonny on 11-Nov-09 4:56 p.m. GMT
Old logo now uploaded in 'materials'
By ChipJonny on 17-Nov-09 12:25 p.m. GMT
As we've gone through this process, most entries we have received have started out as being variations on our current logos. The more we look at this the more we'd love to see some genuinely new ideas coming through too.
The few that we have had have all had us excited, even if some have not ultimately been right for us, they are the ideas that have got the kettle on and the conversation started.
Are there any more new ideas out there? Take the name Plouton and join it together with the concept of a diamond/sparkle doing it in an abstract manner that looks unusual and interesting from a graphical perspective.
Fingers crossed!