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About Your Company

Fifth & Blue is an online store that sells Fashion Tech accessories. The name Fifth & Blue has two elements - The word Fifth represents the fifth wave or element in Fashion and the word & colour Blue represents Technology/bluetooth etc. Our audience are Fashion concious men and women that want the best of both worlds. They are time poor consumers that have incredibly hectic lives, juggling careers, social lives and often families. They love to look stylish and also love technology.


Logo Usage
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Preferred Logo Style
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Preferred Fonts
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Logo Text

Fifth & Blue


Do's :
1. Think Fashion First then Technology
2.Clean, stylish and edgy. Clean lines and minimalistic.
3. Consider stylish fonts
4. Something that can be used as a symbol for an app as well as logo for a website.
5. Do be conscious of the audience we want it to have universal appeal to men and women. 16 to 55 year olds
6. Consider how it can work in smallest of sizes - app icon
7. Consider stacked vs horizontal
8. Think could this be made into a 3D logo
9. Think about a symbol or construct that can also represent the name
10. Consider upper and lower case
11. Consider making the Fifth different to the word blue
1. See attached colour options to consider (Preffered option is option 1 - Navy Blue, Beigy Gold, Lgight Grey and White)
3. Consider a colour pallette that would work in the Fashion space and on a website as a whole
1. use pinks, girlie colours
2. use swirly fonts and italics
3. Don't make it fussy or overly complicated.

Social Networks
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  • Instagram

Top 3 Things

1. Fashionable & Authentic
2. Edgy & Stylistic
3. Inspired and confident

Social Media Asset Needs

1. They need to tie in with the logo symbol, font, colour pallette and style.
2. They Need to be recognisable social media assets not too different that you don't know what it is.

Additional Info

1. Please provide logo that can work black and white as well as in colour.
2. Has a symbol element that can be taken from the wider logo and use in small spaces such as an app symbol.
3. need as an AI, high res pdf, transparent, psd files.



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