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We are SubscriptionKeeper and we help businesses easily determine how much they spend on subscriptions and help calculate the money they waste on unused or under-utilized subscriptions throughout their organization.


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Clean, not too busy - needs to be more horizontal than vertical most likely. Conveys saving money and easy to understand.

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Easy to use, saves money, easy to understand what it is

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Making it easy to find cost savings in an organization.

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SK is software that allows businesses to analyze and determine how much spend is occuring on subscriptions. This could be anything from unused seats for purchased software to duplicate types of software to same newspapers being purchased. The idea is to upload or tie into your bank transactions and SK will determine which payments are subscriptions and then start to analyze the costs and waste associated with each subscription. The tool will primarily be used (we think) by CFOs, CTOs, COOs - or anyone that is in charge of a company's costs and spend. The attached image is a basic screenshot from the SK dashboard - the logo is just something our developers created.



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