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Seven Cherries is a bespoke catering and events company based in London, UK. We make exciting, delicious food with a strong emphasis on seasonality and simplicity. Our menu concepts are designed (literally) from the ground up. Minimising food miles and sourcing UK-grown produce is our raison d'etre. Our mission is zero food waste. We're not interested in making food look pretty for the sake of it. Our target audience is the wedding and corporate market in London, more specifically we want to target modern, savvy clients who are mindful of the environmental impact of food production and who want to choose a respectful, considerate caterer. We want to stand out from the crowd.


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seven cherries catering


Contemporary, simple, with an emphasis on strong graphics. Not an obvious reference to a cherry fruit or tree. Abstract rather than naturalistic. I have in mind a Russian Doll style of design, with the seven cherries embedded within one another and getting smaller as perspective leads out, but this is just an idea.

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Fresh, contemporary, considerate

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Eden Caterers (https://www.edencaterers.london) have a similar offering, and their logo is simple, if a little busy with the lettering. Funthyme Food (http://www.funthyme.com) is a great site.



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