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Food & Beverage

About Your Company

Our company name: Terramino Foods
About our company: We are a new startup/food company making alternative meat and seafood products using fungi. Our process uses fermentation to make tasty products that are completely vegan and all-natural. We are making a wide range of products so we need a logo that can be used for generalized branding of our food brand. We will be selling in grocery stores so a logo that people will want to eat and that looks consumer friendly is necessary. For a bit more about what our products are like, here is a link to our competitor that has similar products: https://www.quorn.us/


Logo Usage
  • Print

  • Screen / Digital

  • Clothing

  • Outdoor

  • Other

Preferred Logo Style
  • Image + Text

  • Image Only

Preferred Fonts
  • Sans-serif

Colors to Explore


Logo Text

Terramino Foods


Things we do not want: NO MUSHROOMS, NO PLANTS in the logo. We also do not want an all-text logo.

Some things that we like that you can use for inspiration (but not necessary): spore prints, spores, mycelium (you can google to see what these look like). We would like something a little more abstract but that speaks to what we do. Remember that we are a food company, we want a logo that will go good on packaging as well as on the web and other marketing. We want something relatively simple (not busy and that is hard to remember).

Social Networks
  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • Instagram

  • Linkedin

  • Youtube

Top 3 Things

Naturalness, Tasty, Nutritious

Social Media Asset Needs

We want a banner for our social media needs, We want some blank space in this so that we can put text into. We also want somethink with a 4x3 aspect ratio for an ipad/powerpoint display. We don't want something that is too busy or that is too plain.

Additional Info

We would like a vector files as well as png, jpg.



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