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Physical Fitness

About Your Company

MPower (pronounced 'empower' is a health and fitness company founded by Matt Stubbs (hence the 'M'), which focuses on two main products. Details of each target market below:

We offer two key services to our clients based around health and fitness (in no particular order):
1) Providing nutrition consultation and coaching and as well as personal training to clients wishing to undergo a lifestyle overhaul to put themselves on track towards living a sustainable health lifestyle. This is not based on 'quick-fix' training or dieting, but looking at a holistic approach to health and supporting them in making lifestyle changes towards long term goals.

This market generally consists of clients who have very limited experience in fitness and may be intimidated by a gym environment, or about talking about their eating issues. This market is also slightly more focused towards women.

2) Providing personal training and nutrition coaching for advanced / competitive athletes looking to gain a competitive edge in their training.

This market generally consists of client who have experience in a gym environment and are already comfortable in their health and fitness. It focuses on pushing them through competitive training prorammes and therefore this section of the brand can take a more 'aggressive' image.

As can be seen above, whilst the products are similar, the target markets differ considerably. My concern is that using the word 'power' can come across as aggressive and may be an intimidating brand for women in market category 1. However, conversely, if we 'soften' the brand too much, it may not appeal to those in market category 2.

It is therefore important to get the right balance between approachable, but competitive and I encourage designers to have freedom to explore ideas and concepts around this through colour, fonts or design. I am happy to discuss this in more detail where needed.


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Colors to Explore


Logo Text

MPower Health & Fitness


The winning logo should not be too loud, but should also easily attract the eye.
Although not compulsory, I would like to distinguish the 'M' from the rest of the logo either through font or colour but doing this without losing the effect of the 'play on words' of 'empower'.
It should reflect professionalism, where customers can get a high quality service, but still be approachable and friendly / fun.

I am concerned about the word 'Power' being a little intimidating for female or beginner clients and anything that can be done to soften this word without in turn putting off those clients looking for competitive performance based service would be great.

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Top 3 Things

Professionalism, suport for clients through their journey, empowerment of our clients to take on their fitness challenges.

Social Media Asset Needs

Facebook cover photo (the background picture at the top of the page), Instagram logo / profile picture

Additional Info

Designers can have creative licence to use whichever colours and fonts they like, however please avoid orange as a local supermarket chain also uses a similar 'M' branding which could then clash.



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