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Target Audience is profit, non-profit and governmental managers, department/division heads, Chief Executives, Sustainability Directors, City and County Executives


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Sustainable Solutions Consulting


The current logo is a three legged stool. You will see it at the bottom of my current website http://sustainablesolutionsconsulting.co....
I would like to make it look more corporate/professional. Some ideas are to use a more industrial looking stool. Making it look like a strong foundation to a building that has unlimited growth/improvement potential. The infinity symbol could represent the unlimited potential. Perhaps a metal stool, concrete something more permanent and corporate.

Here is one idea. We could write the three legs on the triangle and have a hand holding the stool with the company name under (or on) the hand and the infinity symbol on top.

Here is another idea. Inside the circle you could put our initials “SSC” or spell out the name around the stool in a U shape. We could either have something on top of the stool representing a growing or continually improving organization with an infinity symbol at the top (or on the roof) or the symbol on the top of the stool as we do now.

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Top 3 Things

Professionalism, Sustainability Focus, Long-Term/Lasting

Social Media Asset Needs

Need help setting up Facebook and LinkedIn pages and potential ongoing help with regular posting material ideas

Additional Info

I am partial to my three legged stool but open to other concepts and ideas. The most important thing is to end up with a professional logo that is unique and conveys the message. I intend to use it on the web, social media, business cards, brochure handouts, trade show banners. The goal is to have all of the materials printed and ready for a trade show in the middle of October.



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