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I provide virtual healing services to indivduals and groups. This is built on the premise that we all have the ability to heal ourselves, we just need to be shown how. I am able to guide people, in a similar way to a guided meditation, to achieve self-healing.


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Guided Healing Zone


Calm, serenity, inner peace, powerful and amazing. To appeal to both men and women.

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Powerful Guidance, Self-Healing, Amazing Results

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This is for the company group page where people will join group sessions, request one to ones, find out others experiences, find inspirational information from me and tips for their own self-healing.

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Here is some more information about what I do and how it works which I'll use as some content for the Facebook page and to give you some more information.
It is my belief that everybody has the power to heal themselves they just need to be shown or reminded how.
Just as a good golfer improves by practicing the correct techniques repeatedly until they are engrained in their muscle memory allowing them to master their sport, so you can use your own emotional memories experienced with me and through connection to your own energy to re-find that connection independently and enable feelings of love and wellbeing, and use it to heal yourself both physically and emotionally. Once you feel a connection to your own healing energy, that feeling can never be forgotten and my guided sessions will enable you to tap into that energy as often as you want to. My sincere hopes for you are that our sessions will allow you to feel at ease with where you are today, knowing that your dreams can all be realised if you just relax and enjoy the unfolding.

How does it work?
The power to heal isn’t within me, it is within you. By working with you I am able to amplify your own sense of wellbeing and through this release resistance that you are holding, therefore ultimately enabling your own healing energy to thrive and then guide your energy through this connection.
I am not channelling any energy, nor ‘zapping’ you with any energy. This is completely within your control and we can work at your pace.
I am not in a meditative state while I do this, nor do we need to do anything special to prepare. I don’t need to know anything about what you are looking to heal – whether that be physical, emotional or mental as this can work for all. It works remotely and have even had clients in an aeroplane experience it at the time we had agreed.
When we are ready to start, I will explain the overall guided route we will take. It will normally start in your solar plexus. People experience different sensations, but a sense of connection will be apparent. Some may feel a warming heat, some feel instantly connected to themselves, others experience a very visual sensation and many more. As we work through the inspired route during our session, we may come across some areas of greater resistance or areas that need more focus. The best thing to do is relax and enjoy this connection and experience. You don’t need to remember anything as we are doing it nor effort in any way. You may feel a sensation of upliftment, of overall relaxation and wellbeing. This is an incredible sensation that you can use as your core emotional memory – just like a muscle memory. Many clients can feel a deep relaxation, an excitement energy, a sense of relief, a sense of ‘unblocking’ and many other sensations that are very personal to them.
We can work one to one or in a group. We can also record the session so you are able to play it back and repeat it at a later stage.
Summary: Once you connect to the energy of your inner being your life will change. Let me lead you to this experience and over time if you follow the path of least resistance with thoughts of fun, positivity, passion and well-being, something amazing will happen! My guided healing approach will bring joy to your life, all you have to do is practice the art of allowing. Inspired by the teachings of Esther and Abraham Hicks.



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