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Our goal is to refresh our brand/logo for a consistent look, feel and experience that becomes a powerful magnet for clients who want to hire us and real estate agents who want to join our firm. We make people's dreams come true when they buy or sell the largest asset of their life. Appealing to home buyers and sellers are two different animals, but I just realized they have one thing in common: they are in transition. They are moving from something that no longer works for them to a property that they believe will solve their problems and make life easier, less stressful and/or more enjoyable - a home that suits their lifestyle. Maybe they are pregnant and need room for a growing family. Maybe the kids just left, and they need to down-size. Maybe s/he just got a promotion and can finally buy that sweet loft downtown. Maybe the big job just paid off and the homeowner can finally upsize to the multi-million dollar home. Maybe they need to sell the multi-million dollar home and buy two or three smaller places around the country. Whatever the need might be, we are there to help. We created the name Denver Lifestyle® Real Estate as people move to Denver for the lifestyle - you can ski in the morning in the mountains, work or golf in the afternoon, experience an amazing food/microbrewery scene and then head off to see a world-class show or attend a spectacular non-profit event all in the same day. We have 300 days of sunshine and often experience 60 degree days in winter, but you can also camp, hike, bike, ski... you name it. Here's the rub... Denver is the major city in a 7 county area, but there as we deal more and more in the other six counties, we run up against city names like Littleton, Evergreen, Castle Rock, Highlands Ranch that don't necessarily gel with having a "Denver" sign in their front yard. We have contemplated switching to Dream Lifestyle Real Estate, a Denver Lifestyle® company. You may pick either for your design. We would like to include a tag line and an image. We are open to your ideas on both. Tag line inspiration has included: Homes for how you live, work and play | Be a witness to the difference (more of a Christian angle) | Freedom to Move | Permission Granted to Move | Friendly, Wise & Tech-Savvy | and other variations ad infinitum. We will be building out / refreshing the whole BRAND, so the winner will likely be awarded more work, including our 12-page property listing brochure. At our largest, we will likely have 15-20 real estate agents, so we are a boutique firm. That said, if we go the "Dream" route, that could have some national potential, so dream big creatives!


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Denver Lifestyle® Real Estate OR Dream Lifestyle Real Estate


Clean, Fresh, Elegant, Fun - yet distinct in a sea of home roof logos that bore me.

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Top 3 Things

For Seller: We always use the most advanced marketing techniques and highest-quality imagery and video to sell a home. Tech-savvy. Tech-forward. For Buyer: You'll enjoy being in the car touring with us - we are fun, personable, friendly. For Both: Knowledgable. Experienced. Trust-worthy.

Social Media Asset Needs

Social media assets need to be able to include an interchangable image of a home, landscape, event or video freeze frame with interchangable information describing what viewers will see if they click (youtube) or what they are seeing (FB, etc. e.g. if a chart, graphic, etc.)

Additional Info

re: youtube e.g. https://www.youtube.com/user/SunnyLenard... and https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGxjDWA... without necessarily just using white on big black rectangles. We currently do videos to highlight local businesses/schools; real estate listings; market updates; client parties; info blurbs for future clients and more, so Sean and Sunny's approach does not always work for us. Our ideal client is confident and makes quick decisions yet is friendly, personable and not pretentious, regardless of his/her income level. We are not a suit-wearing type of firm, but we compete with and win against suit-wearing firms. People enjoy our company, the fact that we go the extra mile and do what we don't have to do to make a deal happen (clean floors, pay for services to right a wrong, etc.) as well as the fact that we really, really know what we are doing and our results back that up. Current web site is denverlifestyle.com and/or dreamlifestylere.com and phone = 720.432.5595 but DO NOT visit those sites to be influenced by them as they are wickedly out of date, and I am looking for FRESH ideas. I include the web site URLs merely for design purposes :) Thank you!



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