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Our company is a provider of "crowdfunding platform as a service". Our target audience is any company, institution or organization that is interested in getting their own crowdfunding platform: this could be banks, umbrella organizations, universities, etc. - anyone with a "crowd" (or anyone interested in building their own crowd).


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The name "Smallbrooks" comes from a Danish proverb which translates to "Many small brooks make a great stream". (An English proverb with a similar meaning could be "Little strokes fell great oaks".) The idea behind crowdfunding is the same: Many small contributions make up the full amount needed for a project.

One idea could therefore be to create a logo that (in some abstract way) shows small brooks coming together to form a stream. Simplicity is good, though, so nothing too complex.

Overall, I leave it to the designer to come up with something that reflects the company's purpose.

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Top 3 Things

Professionalism: We are working with large companies so we need to appear professional.

Simplicity: We want the give the impression that working with us is a simple process.

Value: We would like to convey that we deliver a truly hi-tech product, meaning that our customers get true value for their money.

Social Media Asset Needs

We still haven't defined any sort of SoMe strategy.

Keep in mind, though, that we are B2B: Our social media followers will be (people acting on behalf of) businesses or organizations.

Additional Info

We would like to have svg files so that we can scale the logo as desired on our web site. We would also like to have a black/white version of the logo as well as reversed-out versions. If possible, it would be great to have the logo in different colors to be used in different contexts.

A general color scheme would be highly appreciated, too, so that we know which versions of red, blue, green, yellow etc. to use together with the logo.

Finally, if possible, any sort of design manual for how to style our web site and other material with logo, fonts, color scheme etc. would be great.



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