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About Your Company

Online gaming community brand focusing on competitive teamplay. Consists of 18+ year olds who are video game and tech enthusiasts. Looking to target people with socially outgoing and competitive personalities who may be interested in the type of online community we provide.


Logo Usage
  • Screen / Digital

  • Clothing

  • Other

Preferred Logo Style
  • Image + Text

Preferred Fonts
  • No Preference

Colors to Explore




Logo Text



Looking for something that has a bold, semi-aggressive but clean look. Colors we use consist of black,white, and red and we would like to keep those. Preffered images that could be associated/used in conjunction are phoenix's, coats of arms, 3 rings looped that are meeting in the center, and fire. We would want it to be somewhat detailed but not hyper-realistic, easily recognizable but not straying too far from other e-sport type related logo's.

Social Networks
  • Youtube

  • Other

  • Facebook

Top 3 Things

Professionalism, power, adaptability

Social Media Asset Needs

Should be along the same color scheme, prefer them to have either the name or logo in them with complementary effects. Profile pictures, headers and all should be to scale and properly fit. Easily readable and if needed can be edited for different themes. Don't want to see cramped or mishmashed assets that detract from the other artwork/info on the pages.

Additional Info

Things that inspired me are various Discord communities for the video game "Squad". Can be found at www.joinsquad.com. E-sports glowing logos, and business logos. YouTube channel art, and Steam gaming communities. Formats i'd like to have are: JPEG, PNG, and the photoshop/design files themselves, preferably unflattened so i can manipulate or manage them in the future.



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