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Travel & Hotel

About Your Company

Our company name is "Dirty Faces Crazy Places". The "dirty faces" refers to our wild kids and what their faces look like after a busy day of playing and adventure, the "crazy places" is refering to our all the locales and places we travel to. We are a large family of 9, with 2 parents and 7 kids under the age of 11. We love traveling as a family and are constantly looking for cool places and new ways to have fun together.

We are going to start documenting our journeys through Instagram, Facebook, and a blog, and branching into the other platforms later on. We want a logo made for our personal brand.

The target audience is families.

The sub niches under families are:
-families who love to travel
-small families
-large families
-adventurous families
-people aspiring to have families
-families with young kids


Logo Usage
  • Screen / Digital

Preferred Logo Style
  • Image + Text

Colors to Explore




Logo Text

Dirty Faces Crazy Places


Logo Criteria

We want an emblem style, we are open to the idea of making the emblem shape a discreet compass or gps pin if it can be done without making the design look too busy

2. We would like a sun, mountain, ocean, and winding road to be incorporated into the logo

3. We prefer the text “Dirty Faces Crazy Places” to be incorporated into the logo versus stand alone, but could be convinced otherwise if its cool looking

4. We want creative typography. We like fonts that are bold, relaxed, discreet, textured, easy to read, that have style, adventure and uniqueness without being over the top.

5. These are the colors we want to use with our logo and brand identity.

The imagery that these colors represent to us are ocean, sand, sun and fun

-Blue #01b2ca
-Yellow #f9be0b
-Orange #f79a31

6. We prefer retro and vintage style logos but we're open to other ideas as well

We’re super excited to see all the design concepts from you guys. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any further questions about this project!

Social Networks
  • Instagram

  • Facebook

  • Other

Top 3 Things

adventure, travel, inspiration

Social Media Asset Needs

We would like an avatar for Instagram, and an avatar and header for Facebook.

Additional Info

We love adventure, traveling and creating memories through amazing experiences. We have lived in the Northwest USA, Hawaii, Ecuador, and are about to embark on a motorhome road trip adventure around the United States. We love the ocean, beaches, sun, and mountains. We are into action sports such as skydiving, kiteboarding, surfing, skating, mountain biking, scuba diving and much more.

We want to inspire people to live the life that makes them feel alive. We want to inspire people to get out of their comfort zones and make their dreams come true. We want to show people that having a large family is a blessing and can be amazing. We want our logo to represent family, fun, adventure, travel, and inspiration. Our hopes are that we can inspire possibility. We want to come across as casual and fun but also serious and legit.

The files uploaded below are logos that we like. Please use them for inspiration for ours. Thanks!



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