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Jay and Shoshana became friends during Round 1 of Bob Doyles 'Boundless Living Challenge' on 26 July 2008. We found similar interests in a range of things including our Christian faith, in movie making ideas, and in our desire to contribute to others. The one thing we absolutely agree upon is that we want to share our journey of hope to encourage others. Our E-greeting video messages should be experienced and felt...and linger in the memory of those who view them. This is our passion.


Woven fabric (think of colored burlap-like material) is rustically beautiful. There are uneven strands, varying colors, both rounded and frayed edges, andthere is texture, substanceit stands out and is noticeableit is unique in so many ways. We are captivated whenever we look at something like this.

Our lives and the journeys we find ourselves upon are continually mixed, joined, criss-crossed back and forthmuch like this fabric. Our experiences are always shared, to some degree, with people we meet, people we work with, interact with, live with, care aboutLove. Each person who crosses our path, our journey, has an impactsmall and large, good and badand they leave a lasting impression. The tapestry that makes the sum-total of our journey is truly a work of artit is fluid, in constant motion and continually changing.

And we think it is in the subtleties that all the difference can be made. We believe a piece of fabric that has been well handled and cared forone that shows lots of colorcan still be improved upon, impressed upon. But perhaps even more importantly, we believe a piece of fabric that has been mishandled, ignored, shunned, or damaged, worn down and without color, can be Greatly improved uponreassembled, strengthened, added to, colored, nurtured and cared for, and lifted up.

It is usually through the smallest of gestures, when we let someone else know that we were thinking about them, that we have the largest impact on a persons daya moment of time they may be experiencing.

At Woven Journey we want to continually touch peoples lives as much as we canto let themYouknow we care deeply about the life you live, experience, and survive through each and every day. We share our own life experiencesthe joys and the hardships, the laughs and the tearsand we are enriched by your life experiences. Together we can weave stories of Encouragement, Hope, Joy, Peace, Faith, and Love to those we care about.

And just as we are committed to touching the lives of our subscribers, we want to help our subscribers find unique and special ways to embrace their friends, family, and loved ones.

Our site should feel like home.welcoming. It is for those seeking a meaningful and compassionate message of hope for themselves, or to share with others. We know that many people who either visit our site or whom are the recipients of our messages are in the midst of an emotionally charged situation. We always endeavor to give a message of hope and encouragement. What sets us apart from our competition is the sum total of our video library and the presentation. ALL messages will be deep-feeling in nature. We will not have anything whimsical, cynical, joking, or neutral in effect. People will come to know our site as a place to come when they REALLY wish to deliver something special that will leave an endearing and lasting impression.


We see no limit to what applications the Logo could be used for including: signage, embroidery as well as postage, hats, clothing, mugs, office stationary, magnets, posters, shoes, bumper stickers, postcards, cards, blankets, etc.

For our initial purposes we will need to use the Logo for our website. Additionally we will need a logo for Letterhead and business cards.


Word of mouth, social networking (facebook, twitter, myspace, youtube, etc.), , and of course the e-cards themselves.

We will be creating and sending e-newsletters. A HTML email template would be required with our logo and coloring to reflect our branding. We may also require flyers and brochures.


The main users for Woven Journey will be those already affiliated with e-cards, along with woman, primarily. Due to the diverse reach of our messages, it is expected that there will be no restriction on who will connect to our site. From seniors to students, to children, to woman, to men. All of these people will be addressed in the messages of Woven Journey. Although we will have some messages respective of various religions, the majority of cards will be non-religious in nature. We do not wish to exclude anyone from using our site.


As we've indicated in the general brief, we believe this logo needs to be visually stunning and include many of the color schemes in the 2 images we've uploaded. I believe the Logo will be fairly simple in its look, but will be rather complex in the actual design. We envision a piece of multi-colored burlap, but are unsure of how to actually display it. The woven nature of it should be visible and natural looking, as if it were artistically illustrated but still clean and sharp. We thought the lettering could be made to look as if it were comprised of individual threads, possibly more than one color, but this is not a necessity. We like flowing lines

Please see the color schemes used in the the "hair" and "dress" of the lady in the Capricorn painting. Aside from these colors, it should be noted that the owners of Woven Journey have a fascination for the color purple. Colors we are very fond of include all shades of purple, silver, Cranberry, and dark blue (Daytona). The colors should represent passion, great care, and deep feeling, but not just femininity. Men need to feel that our site is for them too!!

Please see the look and texture of the fabric image we've uploaded. While this can be left up to your interpretation, we did like the varied look of this material (different patterns, frayed edges).

We could see the piece of woven fabric a number of different ways: as a stand alone image, or made part of the words "Woven Journey", or as a winding road (with subtle ruts in it), or as the landscape leading up to and surrounding a winding road. This is the extent of our thoughts, and we are not necessarily set on any of them. The only thing we absolutely want is some use of woven material that is rustic, beautiful, colorful, and warm.

We do not have a set idea for the Font, but think it may be best to have a different font for the word "Woven" and "Journey". Maybe a mixture of regular type and cursive. And maybe a color(s) other than Black. Please feel free to use or develop a unique font.

We are very grateful for your consideration!

Jay and Shoshana



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