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Company name: Blvd 29 / Blvd 29 Studio / Boulevard 29 / Boulevard 29 Studio (use any of them that better fits your design)

We are a boutique web agency startup focusing on web development, traffic development, Search engine optimization, Community building efforts, Social media strategies and New Media consulting for small-medium size business (working mainly with media clients ie. Singers, Actors, Magazines, TV Networks, Radio Stations, etc).

In the near future (3-6 months... or earlier if we can hire good designers sooner) we will also be doing graphic and web design therefore our logo and stationery needs to be as creative and catchy as possible.

We want something fresh and edgy (not extremely edgy though!), Something very web 2.0 - I hope you know what I mean by that - that will look good as our stand alone logo, in our website, stationery and marketing materials. If possible we would like to have a shape (abstract or real) that in the future after we create more brand awareness could represent our company without the need of the company name in marketing materials and our clients and prospects would recognize as our brand.


- We love the combination and fusion of the colors Red, Black, White and different shades of gray but don't limit your creativity to those colors at all we are 325% open to fresh and creative ideas and color palettes.

- If it helps... Keep in mind that we will build our company website around this logo.

- We are going to order rounded corners business cards for our developers and possibly Clear plastic cards for our Managers and execs (See example links below). But You DO NOT need to design the clear cards now, I just thought that I should mention it because we need the logo to look good on clear business cards too.






- We want to AVOID the use of a graphic representation of a Street or boulevard in our logo. The Name Boulevard 29 is just the result of a handful of developers sitting on a sidewalk Cafe on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, Brainstorming over coffee and a big list of 29 different company names to choose from. It started as an inside joke and grew up on us to the point that we decided to keep it as hour business name.

- Unleash your creative and have as much fun as possible...

If you have any questions let us know... we'll be checking the site regularly.



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