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The Garnet Collective applies its founder’s deep knowledge of wine and her extensive design experience to the intriguing history of the city of London to deliver a unique collection of services. The Garnet Collective offers writing, speaking, consultancy and training with a unique and creative collaborative approach.
Initially, The Garnet Collective will research a collection of topics, developing the foundation for articles and interesting stories that interweave wine, design and history. Each written piece will incorporate some facet of design (with a broad and loose interpretation of the term). The connections could relate to architecture, art, or people in London with a connection to wine. The written materials will be accompanied by visuals: photographs (current or historical), drawings, and other images to support the writing.
As Sheri’s reputation grows, The Garnet Collective will seek to secure opportunities to share this knowledge through personal engagements. These could include multi-media presentations, themed wine tastings, guided walking tours and the exploration of historic buildings. Initially, The Garnet Collective will focus its research and its services in London. As the business grows, research could extend beyond London to other cities and other countries.


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The Garnet Collective

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professional expertise, sophistication, creativity


I am looking for something that 'says' the company is professional and knowledgeable. I do not want literal wine symbols nor London icons. Abstraction is okay. Incorporating the colour 'garnet' might be desirable but isn't required.



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Same goals as logo. I don't actually have a preference as to vertical or horizontal. Standard UK size is 85mm x 55mm.

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I previously owned an interior design company, Sapphire Studios (www.sapphire-studios.com). Since my new company is leveraging my previous expertise it may be interesting to in some way also 'connect' or somehow give a nod to the Sapphire Studios logo. This is by no means a requirement, just a thought. Garnet, like sapphire, is a gemstone, creating a positive link between the two businesses. In addition to being a beautiful gemstone, ‘garnet’ is also a colour used to describe wines and is generally applied to wines with some age, implying high quality. ‘Collective’ suggests a collection of ideas, of strengths and interests and a collaboration of people. Like ‘Studios’ from my earlier business, it doesn’t constrain the firm’s offerings or services within a narrow scope.



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