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The goal of this logo is to be on a website available on many platforms: iPhone, Facebook, normal browser, etc.... The site will offer insight into future events based on people's feedback.

Some events will be large such as Obama or McCain winning the election. Most events will be small, such as whether two specific people in a certain high school will begin dating this year, etc... Over time, I hope to get the algorithm better based on social networks, types of questions, etc...

Things to note:

1. Users will be using the site frequently so the logo needs to be simple enough to get the point across without consuming alot of real estate. Less is more. Two logos may solve this problem best (like crowdSPRING with the main logo and the cS logo they use for the favicon).

2. I think the letter V is a very compelling letter, I think that should be emphasized (but I could be wrong). Maybe nothing more than a very clean letter V would be enough and then varud.com would simply be a tagline element. If this is a text heavy logo, please include the font

3. I'm inclined towards having one primary color and one or two complementary colors for the site itself. If the logo/brand uses colors, those would become the color of the site. Otherwise, I'm very fine with the grayscale of the crowdSPRING logo. If you do a grayscale logo, supplying me with three web compatible color bars would be very helpful.

Thanks for any help.



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