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We (Cammisa Markel) are a boutique firm specializing in Immigration Law. We do primarily business based Immigration Law for corporate clients such as high-end hotels, restaurants, advertising agencies and design firms, and for individual clients working in those industries. Specifically, we help our corporate and individual clients secure employment related visas for work in the US. We also assist individuals to secure permanent residency (Green Card) and citizenship for the US.

People are our business and we value positive human interaction. Our defining characteristic is the highly personalized service that we provide to each of our clients. We treat each case on its individual merits, assess all the possible options, and try to provide a tailored solution that best meets the clients individual needs. Many of our clients are in stressful situations and face many challenges and uncertainties, especially those whose livelihoods and/or careers in the US are at stake. We strive to put them at ease and give them a clear understanding of their options and the confidence to move forward. Ultimately, our task is to achieve a positive outcome for our clients to allow them to pursue their dream of living and working in the US. We are personable and approachable and strive to ensure our clients feel involved in the process and feel like they can reach out to us at any time. We persevere with a case until the job is done, even if this takes considerable time, effort and expense on our part.

The logo must convey an image of professionalism, trustworthiness, stability and reliability. We want the logo to instill confidence in our clients that they are in good hands.

We do not advertise so all of our clients have come through referrals from existing clients and contacts. We want our brand to maintain that goodwill with existing clients as well as to attract new business.


We need a branding identity package to represent our firm: logo, business card (double sided), letterhead, envelope, and With Compliments slip. The logo will also be used on our forthcoming website.

The legal name of the firm is Cammisa Markel PLLC and the design can incorporate either the full legal name or just the words Cammisa Markel. If you include the PLLC we suggest that it be in slightly smaller font than the main name. It does not need to appear in capital letters.

We would prefer the design to incorporate the tag line Immigration Law Firm (or, alternatively, Immigration Attorneys) to describe the services we offer as we want to distinguish ourselves from other lawyers or full service law firms. We do only Immigration Law at Cammisa Markel.


Our clients are mainly small to medium businesses and individuals of all ages. They come from a variety of industries and fields of work including hospitality (hotel groups and restaurants), advertising and marketing, financial services, magazine publishing, architecture, art, design, fashion and film. Young professionals (in their 20s and 30s) who work in the above-mentioned industries and fields make up the majority of our clientele.


Some guidelines to assist you:

1. We are looking for a clean, sleek, elegant, modern design that is timeless. The logo should be strong and balanced and not overly complex. Ideally we want a professional look - yet something that is also creative, eye-catching and unique.

2. The logo does not have to include a graphic element (can be just text).

3. The first name of the principal of the firm begins with Z. If you can think of a creative way of incorporating the letter Z into the logo/background design, we would love to see it but please dont feel you must use the letter Z in your design.

See the attached document for some examples of logos we like (but don't be limited by these).


Must have clarity and scalability. The logo should be able to be reproduced in a variety of sizes and in black and white and still retain its visual integrity.

Please avoid:

* any stock images or clip art.

* cheesy/obvious law related images such as scales of justice, a gavel, or Grecian style columns.

* cheesy/obvious images related to immigration such as the Statue of Liberty, US flag, or map of America.

* anything too traditional, conservative, or stuffy.

See the attached document for some examples of logos we DONT like.

We are really excited to announce this contest and very much look forward to seeing what you come up with in response to the brief. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.



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