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CAfrica Sports is a U.S.-based television broadcasting company that delivers free-to-air programming to more than 40 countries in sub-Saharan Africa through its network of TV affiliates. This statement alone is noteworthy as, until now, there has been no single private broadcaster that has delivered content to so many countries at the same time. Based on its innovative model and continental reach, CAfrica Sports has acquired the exclusive broadcast rights to NBA basketball games that are now aired in 10 African countries and available to be seen by more than 100 million people. With a full launch, the market opportunity tops 300 million African consumers. In the future, CAfrica Sports seeks to distribute additional content of interest to African consumers.

Working within a traditional broadcasting model, CAfrica Sports pays licensing fees to the NBA and other content providers so that it may air programming. To recoup these fees, CAfrica Sports secures advertising that it inserts during aired programs. What makes this model unique is CAfrica Sports extraordinary reach and the scope of opportunity. As stated before, to date no other broadcasting company has been able to create such a broad multi-country opportunity; if an advertiser wanted to promote a product or service on TV, it had to buy space on a country-by-country basis.

This multi-country broadcast advertising opportunity opens the door for American companies to reach African consumers. And, this is where we need your creative vision. CAfrica Sports will be approaching high-profile brands in the United States about advertising via this new platform to African consumers. As such, CAfrica Sports seeks talented creatives to build an inspiring identity (logo + letterhead + envelope + business card) that will serve as a platform on which to build a website, presentation, press materials, sales kit and more. Beyond its business-to-business application, the logo must also be suitable for television as CAfrica Sports will share with African consumers that the content theyre watching is delivered by CAfrica Sports.

Note that were *not* developing an African brand. The brand should be distinctly American with a nod to African business opportunity.

CAfrica Sports is pronounced see-Africa Sports. The C is a placeholder for connections, content, consumers.


The project is for: a new company identity a logo, letterhead/envelope and business card.

This logo and design will be integrated into a website that is being developed as a separate project. The logo will also be used in television applications so it may be animated at some point.


Our primary audience includes marketers, advertising buyers and decision makers at large U.S. companies that seek advertising and brand-building opportunities in Africa. Our secondary audience includes African consumers and interests.


We are open to all creative ideas. It is important that we maintain an American feel to the design yet promote the African business opportunity.

We will appreciate the use of vivid colors. A design that embodies movement, partnership, opportunity and success will be valued.


We do *not* want a logo similar to Olympics, FIFA World Cup 2010 (which will take place in Africa), or the NBA. The logo should *not* focus on sports as CAfrica Sports may distribute other types of content in the future. The logo should *not* be overtly American as in red/white/blue, etc. the logo should be transcontinental.

The logo must work equally well across all kinds of mediums including web, print and TV. If you think of how the logo might be animated as youre designing wed love to hear about it.

No clipart in the design. The project must be original and creative.

Thank you for your interest in our project. We look forward to featuring your design in our growing and exciting business.



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