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We are a large wholesale berry grower upgrading our identity with your help.

Blueberries are the largest product group we sell but several other berry varieties are in production (huckleberries, saskatoons, etc.) They're all bush berries (round and more firm) so no strawberries or blackberries.

We sell the plants to farmers large and small who want to grow and sell the berries wholesale and we sell the plants to smaller farms or people that would like to maybe start a 5 or 10 acre U-Pick operation or add on to their existing operation.

We have a great deal of practical and scientific knowledge to share with these new growers who may be generational farmers or a young progressive couple who just left the city. We will be giving away promotional hats and shirts from time to time. If you saw a guy/lady in an airport with a nice jacket on with US Berry on it, what would make you keep looking at it? If you nudged your significant other or friend, pointed to the back of the jacket what would you say about the design?


We're not sure if the words Legacy Logo exist but that is what we want to create...simple and effective like APPLE, Nike, Cheerios, Mercedes. My wife drew up an idea that seemed pretty effective and may be a starting point. Thinking way out of the box is ok too.

The American flag she sketched had several different colored berries superimposed over it covering part of the flag and the words U.S. Berry were below the flag. One or two of the berries towards the bottom of the flag were covering the bottom of the flag and covering the top part of the word berry and it made me think seriously about it. That one well done and any others are all fair game to be chosen

Another thought I had was using NASA's Blue Marble picture somehow. It's wide open. It must be professional (serious not cartoonish) Think Dole, Sunkist, etc. The logo for US Berry will be trademarked.

It's not necessary to add a slogan but any suggestions are helpful. I considered Berry Serious, Berry Good Health etc. but I'm on the fence using Berry anything unless it was unforgettable. It had a tinge of sophmorishness. We will be holding these peoples hands until they get their farms established (years) so there must be an element of solid trust either in the design or a phrase or both.

We need a logo for cards and stationery and trade show display ideas, handouts

If you or someone you know was considering growing berries for resale either wholesale or retail and you were attending farm trade show or horticulture trade show with many ornamental nursery products or farmers growing corn and beans and you "noticed" a booth or display or business card of a company that looks like "they" are the berry experts...what would that display/item look like?


Boomers-born 1946-1964, or any health related/naturopathic sector (berries are just being discovered as having high antioxidant properties and other related health benefits)

People who want to move out to the country and buy 10 acres and start their own U Pick operation, large growers/farmers wanting to produce berries to sell wholesale. Made in the USA products will be sought after again so a patriotic tilt is ok. Country folk and foreign countries who may want to import our berry plants. We dont sell the berries. We sell the plants that produce them.


Again, not cartoonish. Everything else is fair game. We will be teaching these people so trust is important. The flag idea above is just an idea that was catchy and is a starting point or ?



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