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Essentially this identity needs to establish a professional image, marking a transition in our organisation from informal operations on a voluntary basis to being funded on a project-basis.

Our small, not-for-profit organisation has been in existance in Australia for about 14 years run mostly by a changing team of volunteers and a core group of 6 people who work hard on this in their free time. We will now have a paid staff member and aim to leverage this project to gain more funding and respect from the government. Our highest goal is to influence government policy, for the benefit and fair treatment of sole parents and their children. So we need to earn this recognition, much of which we already have, and capitalise on our relationships and experience.

We represent both male and female sole parents who play a major role in raising and caring for their children.

We work:

- to put childrens rights and needs at the centre of parenting by advocating for recognition of and support for parenting across two (or more) households

- to improve outcomes for children by advocating for recognition of and support for parenting across two (or more) households.

- to recognise sole parenting as a valid and normal family structure that needs support but not fixing


Logo, Business cards, A4 Letterhead (no envelopes) and digital letterhead (just a copy of the printed letterhead design - putting the graphics into a Word document so we can email stuff 'on letterhead').

Soon we plan to use them on a website and DL brochure (that we also have to make).

And we will be showing it in the Media newspapers and television etc.

Vector and bitmap versions.


Our work is ultimately in service of sole parents and their children.

But we achieve this mostly by working with the Government, so it is critical that our work suits them. We play an intermediary role as the liason between the Government and parents. Much of our work involves helping parents to understand public policy, so we need to be clear and easy to understand.

We also work a great deal with the media, taking interviews and representing our stakeholders in the public eye. So it would be appropriate to demonstrate a certain media-savvy awareness in our materials.


Please look at the attached JPGs.

Messing around with some basic software we have made the 3 grey and blue logos and of these, we most like the hands holding the heart as it is a positive, loving image.

We want to encourage people to focus on their parenting responsibilities rather than their rights in a conflict with their ex, getting a good deal or other aspects of their relationship conflict.

But we would like to explore concepts that show a child being held instead of a heart. The important thing is that the hands or adult nurturing the child must not be indentifiable as male or female.

We also like the trees as they are another harmonious, pleasant image. The relationship between the trees is not the perfect metaphor, as they dont really actively parent each other, even though the smaller tree could have grown from the larger one and could be benefitting from the shelter, but we still feel it could work. And we like the elephant image as they are lovable animals and the picture clearly demonstrates the parent-child relationship.


We just picked random colours and a random sans serif font for these experiments we are not attached to them at all. Sans serif fonts would probably be appropriate for a modern, clean look.

OTHER LOGO TYPES. Please see the JPG with the colourful logos on. Looking at


for inspiration, we decided we liked the ones in the colourful collection we have have uploaded:

A: The "feeling" of this rather than the actuality. Probably thinking along the lines of the trees logo we made. Feathery (or leaves), bending with the wind rather than being blown over.

B: Bright colours, a bit "out there", could possibly be adapted to something parent/child-ish. We like the reflections idea in the bottom one, but perhaps with shapes that are a bit more relevant.

C: Again - bright colours, "out there", but seeming linked (ie intertwined circles, etc) - maybe indications of linked hands? with a child in the centre? We like the themes of transition and gentle evolution shown in these logos.

COLOURS: Being able to reproduce the colours in CMYK and match it relatively closely across media is a concern. We like Pantone 340 C, a dark green that should work in CMYK, and are leaning towards green as a gender neutral colour, but are open to other colour suggestions. We definitely want to stay away from pink, which is a distinctly feminine colour. We like bright colours, so you could perhaps mix bright oranges/reds/purples with the greens, for example.



we liked but are not tied to:

Avoidance on the "Most popular" page

Christmas and Icono Magazine, which can be searched for.

What they all have in common are they are bright and predominantly green.


We must NOT have character that is obviously a male or female it must be gender neutral.

We are keen to get a colour/colours that can work pretty well in CMYK and be matched in other media.



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