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University Logo required for free online international university with most professors coming from the U.S. Much of the teaching is based on the chariable nature of those involved and this theme needs to be captured in the logo. The logo should appear clean but stately, modern yet ideally capture the traditional feel inherent in a university. All fonts should be available for free (either downloadable or widely available).

Idea 1:

Traditional university shield (see www.uchicago.edu's left upper corner of the homepage) with 1 (or 2) cupped hand(s) (as though offering, not taking something) with a book (either open or closed book) in the hand(s). Then on the book (either on open pages or on the cover) write "Solvo scientia, Solvo populus" ("Free knowledge, free people"). Then encircling the entire shield the words "Revolutionary University" in a legible but interesting free font. (I would say prince-valiant or peter-schlemihl law on http://www.sostars.com/ which has 12,000 fonts, most of which are free but the capitilized "R" and "U" are nearly illegible.) I will need access to this font going forward so please include its name and location.

Idea #2:

Any reasonable variation on the theme above. Perhaps a picture of a globe behind the shield making apparent the international reach of the university as well as its cooperative/charitable nature.

Idea #3:

Anything else you think might be appropriate.

If you have other recommended font sites beside the two below, please let me know.





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