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Umpf is a new London-based PR agency to be launched this summer. We dont want to pigeonhole the agency into only providing publicity for certain types of businesses; it will transcend many, so there are no sector-specific design cues. It will be a modern PR agency, utilizing both online PR (2.0) as well as traditional media. Is it cheesy to say the agency will be young, funky, cool, incredibly creative, entertaining and thought-provoking? Underpinning all that is a professional agency that really delivers.


A fantastic, fresh, modern, stand-out logo to form our visual identity. It will be used across all elements of our business, from stationery and website, to our coffee cups and mouse mats, ads/direct mail, through to the building plaque outside the office.

Weve used words like creativity and entertaining, and we also like the vibrancy of iPhone app logos, but the design needs to be credible, so nothing too cartoon heavy.

In the same way that CrowdSpring has its spring-man symbol, we would like to see if there any clever suggestions for an Umpf symbol/icon, though this is by no means a necessity. The use of umlaut (see below) could very well be the symbol.

You might want to forget you are designing a logo for a PR agency as this might take you down a route using some sort of speech bubble, antennae, or loud hailer concept this is not for us, we think its a bit clichd.

So, rather than take overall creative inspiration from what the business does, you could, for example (but dont limit it to this suggestion), think more about the word umpf and what it stands for. For example, umpf is the phonetic spelling of the word oomph ie the sound of physical exertion though we dont want to be thought of as all huff and puff with no end product. (Interestingly, oomph has a number of dictionary definitions from enthusiasm, vigor, or energy to personal charm/magnetism to s*x appeal do not go down this latter route!)

Although none of us are German, or have German links, the spelling of umpf is German so this might provide some creative stimulus we dont have a view of whether a German influence is important in the design, you be the judge of that.

That said, we would like to see designs with and without an umlaut above the u ie . In addition, we must have .co.uk in the design somewhere (probably small) as the website will be umpf.co.uk.

We do not have specific thoughts on whether it is all lower case (umpf), all upper case (UMPF), or traditional (Umpf). In text documents such as this we think it looks visually better all lowercase, but let your designs determine that.

One definite is that, as the spelling of the word is unusual, it must be instantaneously recognizable as the word Umpf.

We also need a design (front and back for each) for three stationery items:

1. business card

2. letterhead

3. compliment slip

When thinking about the stationery and the application of the logo design we would be really interested in seeing clever layout/design executions. For example, could the business cards or comp slips be produced commercially in an unusual shape? (Also note that UK letterhead is a slightly different size from US. UK uses A4 portrait measuring 297mm height x 210mm width.)

The address is yet to be confirmed, so please use a fictitious address: 123 Made Up Street, London, AB1 2CD. Tel 0207 123 4567 Fax 0207 891 0123. Email abc.def@umpf.co.uk Web www.umpf.co.uk

We anticipate that the successful designer for this project can potentially expect more work, not just from us but also on behalf of our clients. Finally, we will be aiming to generate publicity around the new logo, and its designer, in relevant media.


Businesses (mainly in the UK) looking to use the services of a creative PR agency. They will be a diverse and eclectic mix of organizations, from smaller, start-up companies through to larger, blue chip businesses in various sectors.

At larger companies, the person most likely to be in contact with us first would be a marketing or PR manager/director, or a brand manager. At a smaller company, it could be the owner.


Were a bit reluctant to list these as it doesnt mean we want something similar, just that we like them visually and they are creative: Yell (http://www.cylch.org/content/files/YellL...), www.three.com, plus the Appiphony and Claimworks logos from this page http://www.crowdspring.com/how-it-works (click on Learn More to expand the page to see images).


Our design absolutely must have:

1. The wow factor.

2. As soon as you read it, you must be able to see clearly that it is says Umpf. We are not fussy about particular fonts and styles you decide. Same with colors could be one, two or full color.

3. It must be modern, visually pleasing and interesting. If it is possible to convey creativity in a logo, that will be a bonus as its what we stand for as a business.

Things we dont like or don't need for this project or other things to avoid using, doing, seeing, etc:

1. Definitely do not like the speech bubble, antennae, or loud hailer-type symbolism used by some PR agencies. If a symbol/icon is to be used, it would have to be unique to Umpf.

2. No other words/phrases on the logo, just Umph and then .co.uk visible somewhere.

3. Dont get hung up on our geographic location we dont want Union Jacks or Bowler hats!

Thank you for reading this brief!

Were really looking forward to your creative interpretations.



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