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Creative Brief

Who are you?

We are BagInspiration, a new online store selling eco-friendly bags of all types -- handbags, grocery bags, lunch bags, produce bags.....you get the idea. They will be made from recycled products (juice boxes, candy wrappers, old billboards, etc) and/or replace bags you typically throw away -- grocery and produce bags. Many will be fair trade products as well.

There are other websites and retail stores that offer these types of bags. Our competitive advantage will be that we bring them all together in one website. BagInspiration will THE place to go for fashionable eco-friendly bags.

The business is owned by two moms who have been friends for years. Our interest in becoming more eco-friendly led us to create a blog (www.baginspiration.blogspot.com)and now a new business. We plan to launch the website on September 1. (The blog is just a temporary standard template and should not be the driver of the logo. We will likely redo it once we have our logo. I only include it so you can look at our story).

We are friendly, fun and out-going people and want our logo to convey that.

What do you need?

We need a logo, business card and letterhead template. They will be used electronically and in print. It will appear on the website, blog, used as an image on facebook, Twitter, Digg, etc. We will also use it for electronic letterhead for email marketing and ultimately create other electronic pieces (brochure, press releases, fact sheets, etc)

Print uses will be cards, stationary, brochures, and hardcopy brochures, fact sheets, etc.

The logo needs to include the company name and a graphic in a way that the graphic can stand alone.

Some words that come to mind for us are: fun, whimsical, clean, simple, renewal.

Green is an obvious color choice but we're not limited to that.

Who Is Your Audience?

Our primary audience is women like us -- age 25-60, busy moms with disposable income. There are two groups:
The Guilty Greens - they want easy ways to be green and feel good about their eco purchases. But, they aren't quite willing to give up their SUVs and central air.

The secondary market are what we call New and Growing Greens. They are the same demographic women. They are a little more serious about being green but are newer to it.

Both of these groups are looking for ways to go green that are easy and convenient. Yet they also want to maintain their style and be fashionable.


We Like These Examples

One of our children drew a logo for us. It was a cute idea of a handbag hanging from a tree. This is NOT a requirement! If you could make it work great but please please do not get stuck on it if you have other ideas. We are very open and will consider all designs. If you go in the tree direction, we've attached two images of things we like.

We Absolutely Must Have

BagInspiration as one word with a graphic that can work without the name.



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