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My brand, Toned & Beautiful, makes colorful and inspiring fitness equipment! This is not limited to but mostly caters towards women. We are honing in on the "big butt instagram trend" and providing equipment that helps you achieve your overall fitness goals (not limited to butt building) and also makes you feel confident and stylish! Kind of like the way a new gym outfit does. Basically we make fashionable, trendy, gym equipment like resistance bands (this is the only product we have so far), kettle bells, yoga mats, etc in beautiful, bright colors with words like "Be Fearless" and "Be Empowered" on them. Our brand name "Toned and Beautiful" falls perfectly behind these sayings as if they almost create a sentence (ex: Be Fearless, Toned & Beautiful"). See what I'm saying? See attached pics for examples.


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Toned & Beautiful

Top 3 Things

1. We're trendy 2. We'll help get you in shape 3. You're an incredible being with unlimited amounts of potential. The results you want are 100% achievable if you just believe in yourself!


I'd like our logo and business card to be very "digitally modern", as in, fits well into the whole social media hype/style of things and modern millenial trends. One example of this: I am considering using an "upsidedown peach" in place of the "o" in "Toned" for our logo because it represents a butt, and that works perfectly for my brand because we are honing in on the whole "perfectly toned butt" trend and the peach icon is very cute, feminine, and a popular expression of just that! I also fantasize about another version of this but with the text "Toned & Beautiful" inside of the giant upside peach (see a rough draft sketch of my idea in a pic I've included). Ultimately, I would like to use both versions: one (the main logo) for the bag that holds our product, the website and business card and a simple matching version that will actually go on the product itself (see pics for example). If you could take that and make it look amazing, you rock! If you have a totally different idea, shoot for the stars! I'm open to all creative suggestions!



Number of Sides



Standard U.S. Canada (3.5" x 2")

Corner Style



Logo, social media icons for instagram, twitter, facebook, youtube @tonedbeautiful, "Show us how you use your bands! #tonedandbeautiful", "Thank you for purchasing a Toned & Beautiful resistance band set! Sign up at www.tonedandbeautiful.com for a discount off your next purchase.


Main logo on one side, all the text on the other. Hip, modern, pretty. When they pull it out of the bag I want them to be like "wow this card is so dope!" I want it to emphasize the social media aspect like its their personal invitation to join our super cool club/online community. Getting them to sign up at our website is also very important. Since the bands say "Be Fearless" "Be Healthy" "Be Confident" "Be Empowered" you could maybe even do something with that too. I kind of imagine big faded out block letters in the background where your brain just puts together what it says because you've seen the bands. I don't know if any of this makes sense.. I'm just shooting out ideas. You guys are the artists!

Additional Info

Vector files and AI format for logo and business card please. Logo must also have transparent background and I need a version of it in all white as well (unless I can do that on my own with the vector file, then there's no need to come up with an extra white one). I would love to have the colorful version for my website and business card but a white version for my product because it will be printed on latex. Inspo for the peach: https://www.stockunlimited.com/vector-il...
My product, the resistance bands, are these colors and I think these colors would be great on the business card so the business card matches the product: https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5... (LOVE this color and I think it would be great for the logo as well)
You can use these colors in the logo too if you'd like or any other colors that you think will look nice on a business card as well! Keep in mind, I want the business card to "match" the product. Almost as if the business card was part of the product itself.
I will include a rough draft image of what my resistance bands will look like and the vision/idea I have in my head but just to be absolutely clear, you do NOT have to use this idea. You can come up with your own if you think you have something better!

Inspo: https://www.instagram.com/whitneyysimmon... (she often uses and enthuses about resistance bands in her fitness journey and using them as a tool to build muscle, especially the butt! She inspired this entire project and people like her and her audience would also be our ideal target audience. She also has a youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NT5P7jTd...

I plan to be very heavily Instagram minded with this brand and have lots of influencers passing the word around so it has to be social media catchy and trendy, if you know what I mean.

I also love pretty, cursive, calligraphic style fonts. :)




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