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We are set to launch "The Great American Small Business Challenge" (GASMC) at the Association of Small Business Development Centers' annual meeting in September. The purpose of the GASMC is encourage small businesses to embrace best-practices so they can grow easier, faster and better.

All GASMC participants will receive free access to software and free training. They will compete in six categories related to creating a dynamic business-development framework.

The software we provide makes it easy for every participant, regardless of their education and background, to compete on an even-footing. The only requirement is that participants have a the desire to build a highly organized, innovative, productive and profitable business. GASMC will help maximize their chances of success.

Best of all, every participant should complete the contest with a scalable operating structure that is able to grow quickly while maintaining the quality of their products and services.

We need a bright, energetic, patriotic, logo that evokes positive, optimistic, "dream BIG" feelings.

We like the imagery of old patriotic posters of the 30s, 40s and 50s. One of the ideas we had was an American flag backdrop with the profile (chest and face) of three business owners one representing retail, one representing manufacturing and one representing technology all looking to the upper right hopefully.

I have attached a jpeg with some ideas. The logo needs to appear in web-ads, a backdrop for our new 10 x 10 exhibit booth and our award.

We will acknowledge the logo designer at our award ceremony and on award related literature.



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