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I'm starting the branding process for a new business. I'll need a logo & design for business cards, letterhead & envelopes. The logo will be used on my website and as store front signage. So, of course, the logo needs to look great reproduced small for business cards and enlarged to accommodate signs. I've tried working locally but haven't had a lot of success. I tried creating a logo myself and failed miserably.

The challenge will be to design something that somehow reads that I photograph all animals (cats, ferrets, horses, birds) not just dogs. For instance a graphic like a dog paw wont work. The word Fetch has two meanings, both as in a dog fetching a toy and as a description similar to the word distinctive. I thought the name of the business was clever but not everyone gets the double meaning. I'm not sure that it matters but I'm just mentioning it in case it helps you with the design.

I would describe my photography as elegant, soulful, stylized and custom designed for each client. My clients are higher end that have the means to spend money on what most people consider a luxury item. They are people who consider their pets family members and don't hesitate treating them as they would like the more popular two-legged children. I photograph pets alone and/or with their people. The setting are primarily in studio with controlled lighting. So, it's not necessarily documentary style, as in following a dog all day in his world. Everyone is posed and I use props/varied backgrounds to bring out the personality of the client. The logo shouldn't be silly or playful but rather serious and rich.

As far as fonts, I like script, fancy type but find that it can be unreadable. So, I'm wondering if the logo could read 'simply elegant' somehow. All the words "The Fetching Image, LLC" must be in the logo design. I think the word "The" needs to stand out rather than fade into the rest of the name because THE fetching image sounds certain and distinctive - if that makes sense. I liken it to "The Maine Dog", a pet accessory store located in Maine. Just "Maine Dog" doesn't say the same thing. The abbreviation "LLC" must legally be in the design but not prominent. You may try to integrate the words "pet photography" to convey the type of business.

I like the idea of keeping colors within a palette that matches most pets. Chocolate brown, beige, golden warm colors & or cooler colors including blacks and greys. If there is an accent color I might consider something rich like the color of Merlot wine or adding a metallic like gold/silver. Nothing garish, trendy or over-the-top but simply stated/classic. Not too plain either. Now I'm sure I'm sounding difficult but just trying to relay everything that I somewhat imagine for this new business.

Starting this business has been a long time dream of mine. I've been working towards this specific niche market for 3 years now. My other photography work has a fine art slant and the subject has always been women. The work was all black & white, some hand-tinted images that felt dreamy and mythical yet strong and proud.

I have the skills and the eye but now need the branding to complete the package.

One last note, I may use the logo design as a signature on the prints themselves. I shoot digitally and would add it in Photoshop. The business cards I would like to be two sided,an image on one side with the logo and the information on the backside.

I will try to load some files for you to refer to ASAP. And try to communicate as much as possible in this forum.



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