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PLEASE NOTE! We have added LABELS to the project and increased the award to $950. The total request now includes (1) One LOGO, (2) Three BOTTLE LABELS, (3) Set of Corporate STATIONERY. (We determined that it would be better to tap your creativity now than in a subsequent project with someone else's logo!)


Our tequila company has a NEW name, brand and trademark: TeqX.

We manufacture three lines of tequila in Mexico, taste-styled and targeted mainly to 20- to 30-something, mid- to upper-income, males and females. Our products are distributed throughout Europe, Asia and America. Our product line is structured as follows:

(1) Silver (most popular with females 25-40 years old)

(2) Reposado (tequila is aged about 6 months; popular mainly with males around 30 years old)

(3) Aejo (tequila is aged about 2 years; popular mainly with males over 40 years old)


See Patron, Don Julio, Cabo Wabo, Grey Goose, Belvedere, Absolut. Taste-competitors are Patron and Don Julio. Price-competitor is Cabo Wabo. We will position ourselves as the Grey Goose or Belvedere of the tequila market. (Please consider researching these manufacturers online if you are not already familiar with this area of the liquor industry.) Plot for distribution in night clubs; bottles will be displayed on night club tables, bar shelves, and store shelves.


Please DO NOT style our materials with an Old Mexico or Old West theme like Jose Quervo. It does not fit our differentiated positioning and target market. The award will go to the most suitable complete set as described below. We would like a very "high-tech" looking brand identity.

Logo design:

Start here! The logo must be designed as a stand-alone element as well as integrated creatively into the corporate stationery and label. Please ensure that the logo is attractive on its own and suitable to various manufacturing methods such as glass etching, engraving, plastic molding, and embroidery. Centering the "Teq" above or over top of the "X" somehow is probably a nice, attractive presentation of the combined mark.

- FORMAT: vector (Illustrator CS1/2/3; IA and/or EPS)

- DESIGN: custom, sleek, modern, clean, legible

- PALETTE: cool, exotic, blues, silvers, grays, platinum

3 Bottle Labels:

We need three bottle labels for each of the product lines described above (Silver, Reposado, Aejo).

Due to complexities in tequila manufacturing, our new bottle shape has not yet been selected or approved. However, it is critical to our current sales and marketing endeavors that we are ready to display and print a trio of labels. For now, you can presume that the bottle will be a standard tall, round glass liquor bottle (12 inches tall, body 7 inches tall). As a guideline you might design to approximately 4 inches wide by 3 inches tall, but please feel free to get creative and use WHATEVER DESIGN ELEMENTS you think are cool given our palette and theme preferences. The label can be printed on either opaque paper or a transparency. (A back label is not officially part of this project, thanks anyway.) The three labels must be legible/recognizable from about TEN FEET AWAY in dim lighting. The three labels must also be EASY TO TELL APART.

- FORMAT: raster (Photoshop CS1/2/3) and/or vector (Illustrator CS1/2/3)

- DESIGN: custom, sleek, modern, clean, legible

- PALETTE: cool, exotic, blues, silvers, grays, platinum

- INCLUDE: 40% ALC/VOL (80 PROOF), NUM XXXX, NET CONTENT 750ml, The TeqX Company, Las Vegas NV 89109


Please take the logo design to the next level of corporate identity by drafting a business card, letterhead and standard business envelope design.


We prefer a high-tech, sophisticated presentation of our identity. Sweeping features and metal come to mind, such as you may have seen in marketing for Iron Man, Batman, or even the ice bars of Iceland (we know, were reaching here). Think new, indelible, cool, "space age" custom manufacturing. Thank you in advance for sharing your vision and skills.

(TeqX, TeqX Silver, TeqX Reposado and TeqX Aejo are trademarks of TeqX LLC 2008 all rights reserved.)



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