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Hello folks

Teesy is an e-commerce 2.0 project for the easy and fast customization of ecologic kids-T-shirts with characterdesign.

Convenience is our lifestyle we claim - our strapline reads "easy peasy kids Tees", our baseline reads "Take a Teesy, every day".

Our target audience are mothers 25-40 y and their kids 3 months - 5 y. The price of those Tees situates in the high segment, so our mainly customers will be fashionistas and mothers of higher-end class. The quality of the Tees is excellent, so our service.

We are pro sustainable business: we use 100% eco cotton/bamboo. Also our packages are 100% recyclable.

We need for now a logo/corporate ID. As we focus on characters, this should be one (attractive to young children)!

Maybe a T-shirt could be integrated into the design or could even be used as main character (ex. http://yebomaycu.boonika.org/). Up to you guys and girls ;)

The idea is to create a character that could be customized too (ref. toy art, Absolut wodka bottle-campaign) and even could be used as a vinyl toy and paper-toy - could be easily (10 to 15 min) folded/assembled to 3D paper-toy (can you provide me the pattern please).

Ex. http://www.fubiz.net/blog/index.php?2007... ; http://www.huragano.com/public/news/bagb...

The character has also to mention our label Teesy - with domainextension added.

Because we focus on international sales there are different domainextensions registered: .com, .eu, .be and so on. So it could be fun we can easily change Teesy.be to Teesy.nl within character-logo.

The logo/character will be used on website (also as favicon), on stationery, as sticker, as stamp, as hallmark, and will be printed on back of T-shirts - T-shirt label in silicon.

Choice of colour is very important to us.

If you want the colour you choose for the website, should appear to everyone, exactly as designed by you then go ahead with 216 colors browser-safe pallet range, as you knew already: http://www.webdesign.org/web/web-design-...

The colorpattern chosen has to be verified with http://michelf.com/projects/sim-daltonis... to be sure colourblind people watch the same colours. Another good tool is http://gmazzocato.altervista.org/colorwh...

2 "main" colours I'd like to use (also magenta/purple)

Orange is very hot color to the human eye. Orange demonstrates warmth, cheer, strength and ambition.

Green is the most compatible color with eyes and has a great healing power. It shows growth, harmony and fertility.

An example of a good colour pallet http://kuler.adobe.com/#themeID/238698 (I'm not sure if those are browser-safe).

What about fonts? Here you are free to promote some elegant and playfull stuff. Still it has to be easily read. No comic strip ;)

We aim at providing clarity, easiness and simplicity, still with a lot of funtasy.

I'm fond working with you.

Kind regards

Daniel Vidovsky




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