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Ted Ventures sows and grows product ideas that improve our world. We germinate idea "seeds" that develop into prototype "seedlings" and cultivate them to grow and thrive as product plants.

We work with a wide variety of seeds. Some seeds become plants that survive only in unique environments and others may grow into hardy plants that can thrive virtually everywhere. Many seeds don't make it.

Our seeds have a common purpose. They must grow into plants that improve our quality of life - usually by saving time, material, energy, space, or by reducing pollution.

Our plants can be physical products ranging from outdoor fitness gear to alternative energy devices. They also may be digital technology products like software or web-based services that help us work smarter.

We need a logo that captures our mission to sow and grow [tagline] product ideas that improve our world. The logo should convey life, strength, growth and innovation. We like simple and elegant design. No color/font preferences at this point talented designers will know what to recommend. Design for use with and without the tagline: sow and grow. Letter case is up to the designer.

Special note on color: The color "green" is not mandatory - some consider it the most overused color in design today. We won't take away points for not using green nor will we give extra credit for using green.

Our target audience is entrepreneurs, investors, and leaders from both the private and public sector.

Important Note: Ted Ventures is NOT associated with Ted.com or TED Conferences. Designs that appear to mimic this organization or event will be summarily rejected.

Feedback Loop: We will try to update rankings and comments for new entries at least once per day and more frequently if possible.

Stationery Details:

Address, email, phone, web, etc. details will be provided at project award stage for final artwork.

Thank you and good luck!



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