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Swordfish Ventures BV is a young ambitious investment and advisory firm focused on software and services, digital media and entertainment and IT-communication applications . Whether a business is just starting or expanding, Swordfish Ventures participates or helps with funds or expertise to grow companies. With over 20 years of experience and a vast network of professionals in the private-investment and IT- arena Swordfish Ventures builds valuable businesses.

Swordfish is an IT related name: it was a password for one of the first computergames Zork.

The swordfish is also one of the fastest fish in the world and lives in several oceans all over the world. They are also vigorous and powerfull fighters, and their jumps out of the water are spectacular. And most of the time their sword is up (the way we do business). They have another unique feature and thats their eyes. Because of a muscle they can warm the eyes better than any other fish, which is the reason why they can look better than their competitor-fish (through our experience we see business better).

We need a logo and stationary (business cards, letterheads, envelopes). The logo will also be used on websites.

The logo should have a look and feel like the notes mentioned above:

1. Adventureous, but stylish but not antique or old-fashioned.

2. Optimistic and future-trust.

3. Strong and corporate.

4. Iconic: logo should also stand without the text-name; colour-variant are nice for differentiation among lines of business.

If anything is missing please ask. We will do our best to be constructive and thanks already for your creative support.



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