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Creative Brief

Who are you?

StormCoach provides cancer help on-demand. Few families are equipped to manage life when such a grave illness strikes. An ocean of cancer information is out there, but trying to drink the ocean is costly, time-consuming, and agonizing. StormCoach provides a cup of water instead. We provide just-in-time coaching and other crucial tools to manage life post-diagnosis, and at a price accessible to all.

What do you need?

1. Logo - for use on website, letterhead, printed materials, etc.

2. Icon/Favicon version of the logo - a shortened version of the logo for use as an icon (like a favicon or any other place where the full logo is too large... like the Facebook "f"... it does not necessarily have to contain a letter or letters)

3. Letterhead - for use on letters, proposals, etc.

We need a color logo that will also translate well when converted to black & white. Aqua is our primary color. Burgundy is our optional secondary color. Optional tertiary colors are light gray (almost silver) or ochre (but only very sparingly if at all). Please see the section below for more specifics on color.

Who Is Your Audience?

Our primary audience is the 1.5 million people diagnosed with cancer annually in the US plus their friends and family that make up their support circles. Our secondary audience is cancer survivors and their support circles.


We Like These Examples

breastcancer.org has a similar feel, but is more feminine (understandably) than we want our look and feel to be.

We Absolutely Must Have

Our name is StormCoach - Capitalize the S and C. There is no space between storm and coach. A logo with StormCoach on one line with no spaces between storm and coach is preferable, but a logo presenting storm and coach on two lines would be considered if the design is especially strong.

The feeling we want to evoke is "clean and serene". Like the calm in the eye of a storm even though chaos swirls all around.

Our primary color is aqua. Our secondary color is burgundy. Tertiary color options are light gray (almost silver) or ochre (used sparingly). We have intentionally kept specific hex values out because we want to leave you enough creative license in your design. Here are some notes:

Aqua - Try not to use a bright or garish shade of aqua that appears too chipper or flippant. It is easy to do this when working with aquas and teals and turquoises and is our main concern with this color. You might want to use a darker shade of aqua, but if you do, make sure it's not so dark that it's somber, especially when combined with burgundy.

Burgundy - This color is meant to convey stability and trustworthiness. Again, no garish shades.

Light Gray or Ochre - You probably won't use one of these colors, but if for some reason your design must use a third color, these should be your first options for the third color.



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