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Corporate Overview:

Cobblestone Container Service is a division of Cobblestone Waste Management LLC, a family owned and operated start-up in the waste management industry. The primary business of Cobblestone Container Service is brokerage of dumpsters. Haulers have all of their capital tied up in equipment, and in large part customers dont have the desire to manage hauler relationships or dont know where to go. The brokerage market fills the void between customer need for service and management and the need of haulers to attract customers. The brokerage of dumpsters is a well established yet fragmented market.

Our business will be a regional business focused in the mid-Atlantic initially with an eye towards becoming a national provider. The key difference in the model is the traditional brokerage market grew up by beating up the haulers on price and ramming business down their throat. Additionally service quality on the hauler and management end is severely lacking. Both of these are counter to our thinking. We believe the relationships with haulers essential, and view our national network of haulers with whom we share profits a critical barrier to others replicating our success. We further view being attentive to and doing the little things to maintain quality service levels a key factor that will separate us from the rest as far as execution goes.


We are looking for a simple Brand system (logo, color palette, font system, and web site template). The established brand will additionally be used in company stationary (letterhead and b-cards), marketing pieces and eventually on equipment necessary to the business (dumpsters, compacters, trucks, etc.)

Brand Identity Goals:

The brand system will be used in a number of ways to develop business. We plan on running a lean biz, and marketing materials sent to potential customers as well as our informational web presence will be the visual front end of any relationship.

Ideas for consideration:

o We are looking to convey professionalism with individualistic flair.

o Wed like to blend (if possible) the notion of service into our message a concept that is somewhat lost in our industry, and certainly not apparent within the brand languages of the competitive set

o Our offering will blend tradition and conservatism with contemporary ideas and the embrace of technology


Our primary customer base will be commercial (construction, housing, retail build and relocation), but will also be driving one off residential business (clean ups and renovations) driven to our website through online marketing.

Longer term the business will move beyond the brokerage model into asset based businesses and would like to retain a consistent brand image to the extent we display our brand on physical assets. Expanding beyond the brokerage is where we move beyond Cobblestone Container Service into the realm of Cobblestone Waste Management LLC


Examples of logos and web presence of three players in the space are below. OAKLEAF is the largest national player in the market and Dumpster Source and Dumpster Direct are regional competitors. We feel that neither have brand identities and supporting communications that offer the quality or individuality that wed like ours to convey. In other words, there is plenty of room to do something special that differentiates us appropriately.






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