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Project Description:

Create a logo and stationery, business cards, envelopes for Staged To Appeal, LLC.

The logo will be used on my website, business cards, stationery, yard signs, and clothing.

Company Overview:

Staged to Appeal, LLC is a company specializing in home staging. We work with sellers to market their property to its fullest potential for a faster and more profitable sale. We focus on accentuating the best features of the home though the use of color, lighting, furniture layout, accessorizing, traffic flow and curb appeal creating a home that appeals to the broadest market.

Company name: Staged to Appeal, LLC

Tag line: I am considering the following tag lines - "because first impressions matter " or creating positive first impressions. You are free to modify the tag language, use it on all the items, some of the items or none of the items.

Website: currently under construction. Two screen shots are included. The logo at the top that says staged to appeal creating positive first impressions will definitely be replaced. There is a second logo (that came with the template) that flashes between page changes and Ive included a screen shot of this (screen shot 2 of website). Colors are set on the website in regards to the background and the blue. Fonts on website will remain as is (I believe it is Trebechet).


To position Staged to Appeal, LLC as the leading staging company in the Jacksonville Beach, FL area.

To inspire confidence in our services.

To communicate the personality of the company.

Target audience:

Homeowners and real estate agents in the Jacksonville Beach, FL and surrounding areas. Home prices can range from $150K - $1.5M. Im interested in targeting the bachelor looking to add a womans touch for potential homebuyers. So nothing frilly and girly, please.

Staging is a new field that many homeowners and agents often believe they dont need. The perception is coming around that stagers are value-added, but many people do not understand what staging is or why it is needed.

Design considerations:

The name (Staged to Appeal) must be included in the logo, together with an icon that can be used as a brand, independently from the name.

I like the idea of having the LLC in the logo, but its not necessary.

Stylish, sophisticated, not overdrawn or complex

Enthusiastic, contemporary, innovative

Easy to remember

Implies confidence and experience, but a little edgy

Readable when small and look equally good very large

Two or three colors

Reverse out

Logo should look good in black and white

Can be uppercase, lowercase or mixed, can have spaces or no space between the words

Fonts on the website will remain as is

Things we dont like or don't need for this project or other things to avoid using, doing, seeing, etc.

No house tops / roof tops in the logo

No houses in the logo

No palmtrees in logo

Nothing too girly or frilly or precious.

Please avoid the following fonts and other fonts similar to these:

o Times New Roman

o Courier

o Typewriter like fonts

o Fonts that are too scripty some script fonts are too hard to read.

Some designs that we like:

http://www.essentialkey.com.au/ - I like the swirls/curves in the logo - but may be too girly. See the business card which shows off the logo better.

http://www.simplystaged.net/ - I like the way the LLC is small/subtle, but still in the logo.

Also included the screenshots of my website which is under construction.

Original website template prior to modification: http://www.templatemonster.com/flash-tem...

This gives you an idea of what the flash logo looks like. On my website, I can have the designer revert back to the original and put the new logo and additional text across the entire top portion of the website.

After a design is selected:

Please provide the hex, RPG and color names of the colors selected

Please provide the font names selected

Stationery Information: Not all text is needed on business card or stationery. Just giving you some ideas of information that can be included.

Donna Schoolfield

President / COO

Premium Home Staging Services

Transformations Certified Home Stager

Phone: 904-435-4080

Cell: 214-649-3638

Website: stagedtoappeal.com

Email: d.schoolfield@stagedtoappeal.com

Jacksonville, FL or Serving Jacksonville, FL and surrounding areas



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