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A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." Confucius

The business name is A Single Step, LLC and the tagline is going to be something likeBegin the journey today. The rest of your life awaits.

We are a new boutique or concierge medical practice EXCLUSIVELY treating patients who have become dependent upon prescription sedatives and painkillers. Our clinic is unique in that we offer patients an intensive, multidisciplinary approach to substance abuse treatment. We strive to make each client to feel like a valued and respected individual, not like just another addict. All patients will receive the round-the-clock support necessary to achieve full recovery and remission. Our entire team of clinicians, including a psychiatrist, a neurologist, an addictionologist, an anesthesiologist, a nutritionist/herbalist, an acupuncturist and a chiropractor in addition to numerous physical therapists and substance abuse counselors, will individually evaluate each patient. A comprehensive treatment plan synthesizing each clinicians findings and recommendations will then be developed and tailored to each individuals specific needs and circumstances. Unlike most other treatment centers in our area, we are an extremely small practice, limited to a maximum of 50 active patients.

We are located in Cocoa Beach and the office is a very contemporary, oceanfront space with a sort of a zen feel to it. All treatment rooms are built around a serene central courtyard and most rooms also have a lovely view of the water.


First and foremost we need a logo which will provide the foundation for our corporate image. In this project we also want help developing some really eye catching stationery and business cards. We don't yet have specific colors or a certain look in mind...but, we do know that we want a very distinctive card and letterheadsomething contemporary, maybe with a unique shape, a vertical orientation, or some sort of unusual materialin short, something that will stand out in a crowd while still looking professional.

We are planning to offer additional projects for a large sign, a brochure/print campaign and also a website all based upon the original logo concept


The majority of our patients will be referred to us from other local area physicians although we do plan to do a significant amount of direct to consumer marketing as well. Our target clients are middle and upper class adolescents and adults...primarily professionals who have become dependent upon their prescription opiate and benzodiazepine medications. We really want to set ourselves apart from methadone clinics and other high volume detox programs catering predominantly to indigent patients and IV heroin addicts. So, for the logo, we are looking for a high end, sophisticated concept. We have put a lot of effort into making the office look and feel more like an exclusive spa than like a medical office and we want the logo to clearly and immediately convey that same feeling to anyone who sees it.


Initially we had been leaning towards using a footstep or series of footsteps in the logo but during the last few weeks we have looked at lots of stock images online and have seen approximately 1000 different permutations of footprints in the sand...and, while we do like the concept and feel that it does a good job of conveying the idea that recovery is going to be a journey not an overnight fix, we definitely want something more...more memorable, more interesting, more out of the box.


We DEFINITELY want the entire Confucius quote to appear on the business cards and on the letterhead but in a distinctive and very subtle waymaybe as a watermark or shadow or something?? GIven the origin of the quote that inspired the name and the zen-like atmosphere of the physical space, we have been thinking about going with something that has an Asian feel to it...nothing over the top or cheesy but a hint the Far East would be cool. For examplethere are always several great blue herons fishing along the shores all around the office. They are elegant and serene, they leave all sorts of cool footprints in the sand and are incredibly beautiful in flightso, I can definitely imagine incorporating a heron or a crane (or even some cherry blossoms into the design)...but not so much a Dragon, a Samurai, or a big Chinese Fan...and, the concept certainly doesn't have to be Asian at all...we are open to suggestions and looking forward to seeing some really creative ideas.



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