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Our company has a new name: SensorCast.

We provide [wireless] equipment and remote-monitoring [alert] services in the natural gas pipeline and the oil and gas exploration industries. Simply put: our products detect ("sense") whether something critical is wrong with a pipeline, and then we instantly transmit that data via cellular technology to the mobile phones of field personnel.


Logo design:

- FORMAT: vector (IA and/or EPS)

- DESIGN: custom & sleek, not too literal

- COLORS: 1 to 3 (no more than 3)

- PALETTE: your choice (lean masculine)


Please take the logo design to the next level of identity by drafting a business card and letterhead with the following details (letterhead needs only the street and web addresses).

(Tagline) "Critical data, when and where you need it"

First Lastname

Position Title

8002 Reeder Rd

Lenexa KS 66214





Private pipeline and utility owners & managers. It's a decidedly male, old boy network.


You can learn more about our company and products at http://www.wftusa.com/. However, please DO NOT let the existing design or color scheme limit you. We are seeking a completely new, robust identity based 100% on your design experience and vision.

To view other examples in this particular industrial sector, you might quickly Google these terms: end-to-end telemetry, automated meter reading (AMR), energy information systems, oil & gas contractors. Major players tend to use heavy sanserif fonts and little else; a prominent brand color in the industry is [navy] blue. As for SensorCasts particular product line, the conglomerate giant Emerson provides competing solutions.


We need a design that doesn't have a lot of complex details or shading, so it can be reduced quite small as well as reproduced in various manufacturing forms such as die cast molding, engraving, pad stamping and hat embroidery.

Thank you in advance for sharing your artistic skills.



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