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We are a satallite accounting firm that specializes in doing the books, paying bills and creating financial statements for specific industries and companies. Our customers, via the internet and direct mail pre-paid envelopes, can outsource all of their bookkeeping and financial needs with our firm. We focus on business models and specific franchises that we are very familiar with to make our services extremely custom, affordable and efficient.

Our official name is Skinson & Associates, but we really want to simplify the name by just focusing on the word Skinson. We need a logo with the name Skinson in it. It can be a unique way of writing the word Skinson by itself or include an image that would reflect the nature and value of our company for our clients. The idea behind our company is that our clients feel like we are the financial branch of their company. We want them to feel like we are a satallite location of their own company which gives them the information that they need as soon as they need it. Fast, Professional and very affordable.

Our target audience is specified business models like, subway stores, or dental offices. We don't want to open our services for just any business that is looking to outsource their accounting needs. We are targeting specific franchises and businesses that we are very familiar with. We want them to think that we are a professional accounting firm that can give them everything they would get with a big firm, but for half the price because we are experts in their line of business. Because of our expertise, this also allows us to get them vital and specific information very quickly. For example, we will include membership growth reports for key card-access fitness centers along with their standard financial staments. These reports will give them extra information that a regular firm would not be able to give because they wouldn't be as familiar with that particular business or industry.

We like strong and professional colors, like black, royal blue, crimson red, dark green. Not all together, but those colors individually. When it comes to font and style, I will leave that up to you guys, the experts.

The only word we want in the design is "Skinson." You can include an image or not, but either way that's the only word we want in the design.



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