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Business Info

Business Name

Nurture Yourself Program - a division of Calgary Family Services

What do you do?

Nurture Yourself program works with women, men, seniors, youth and parents of infants. It teaches them techniques for empowerment and self esteem to better their lives and the lives of their families and communities.
NYP also provides training through a "for credit program" (continuing education through the University of Calgary) to professionals such as teachers, social workers and psychologists working in the areas of self esteem.

The Nurture Yourself Program:
*re-aligning the belief patterns they need to achieve the success they want in life.
* Assisting women and men in providing them with educational tools needed to easily implement strategies for achieving personal goals and creating greater life-long self esteem.
* Helping participants to learn awareness of their inner potential, including strategies for personal growth.
* Providing the participants with the necessary skills that will allow them to create independence, self-responsibility and personal influence in their family and community.

* expand self-awareness
* increase emotional expression
* encourage and strengthen social connections
* promote healthy relationships
* empowerment


Gain tools and skills to increase their self confidence and increase their ability to manage day to day challenges.
provide with a safe, supportive space in which to explore and practice social connections with others.
Identify meaningful ways in which to enhance relationships with family, friends and community.

What is the exact name you would like in your logo?

Nurture Yourself

What pieces of stationery do you need designed (biz cards, letterhead, etc.)?

Business Cards, Letter Head, envelopes

Target Audience

What is your industry?

Non Profit, Family Services, Social Services, Personal Development

Describe the target audience for your logo and stationery

Women, Men, Youth, Older Adults (Seniors), Parents of Infants. Professionals who teach self-esteem. The current logo needs to be re-designed to attract a male audience.

What 3 things would you like to communicate to your audience through your logo and stationery?

1. Empowerment
2. All inclusive
3. Freedom

Style and Concept

What logo and stationery styles do you like (text only, image only, text and image, etc.)?

We like images of people, if we can incorporate them into a butterfly in a way that appeals to both men and women that would be wonderful. We like images of people that are jumping for joy.

What colors do you want to see in your logo and stationery?

green and purple

What colors do you NOT want to see in your logo and stationery?


What adjectives should best describe your logo and stationery?

- moving forward
- overcoming obstacles
- re-discovering yourself
- transformation

Where will your logo be used (print, website, etc.)?

brochures, newsletter & website

Do you have additional info or links you want to share?

We used to have a butterfly logo when we were only working with women, but now that we have expanded to include men, youth & seniors it doesn't work for us anymore. We like the concept of the caterpillar that turns into a butterfly. \
If it would be possible to have a butterfly that incorporates both a female and male figure we would love that.



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