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We provide weight loss and wellness programs using breakthrough technology and all natural products, formulas, and tools alongside 24/7, 365 one-on-one coaching every single day of the programs.

Our target audience is, in a way, everyone from the age of having finished going through puberty all the way to the end of life. When surveyed, close to 80% of Americans say they want to lose weight and are ready to do something about it. In addition, we have programs and scans that are for overall wellness and maintenance vs strictly offering weight loss programs. So this then opens us up to anyone who merely wants to feel better, have more energy, sleep better, and to just feel more balanced overall in their daily lives.

All of that being said, our typical clients are from about 30 yrs old to 80 yrs old, both male and female alike. We have put 14 year olds and 95 year olds through the program though. Because we are unlike anything else on the market when it comes to our approach and methods for wellness, we do not get as much of the weight loss stigma and strive very hard to make sure that we do not come across or present ourselves as a quick fix, easy solution or some kind of magic pill or potion. Our programs are not a "diet" and involve much much much more than just eating healthier foods.

It is of the utmost importance that our messaging is congruent with who and what we are.


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Sage Rivers Wellness

Top 3 Things

Health, Happiness, and Peace/Confidence

People in today's world are basically "sold" the lie that after a certain age or certain life circumstances they will feel worse, gain some weight, likely be on medications, have less energy, lessened quality of sleep, etc.....and that is just flat out not true.

It is our mission to educate people about the details and factors of daily life that no one else is teaching them about....things like not only what is in the foods being mass produced and the way they are sourced as well as the toxins and chemicals with which foods are produced and preserveredc but also what kinds of things are in cleaning products, makeups, and consumer goods on the whole.

We teach people about the myths surrounding hydration, about chronic inflammation and the role it plays in the body, about gut health and/or the lack thereof as well as how backwards the approaches to treating things like acid reflux are, and about hormonal and neurotransmitter imbalances.

Overall we want to convey the message that it is never too late to take charge of one's life and that it is 100% possible to eliminate that feeling of regret we see so often in a person's eyes on their death bed. Obviously we do not want a macabre tone to our message at all but rather a tone that elicits the feeling of hope and a vibrant approach towards the future of your health and life overall.


Honestly, the whole reason that we are using CrowdSpring for this project is that we love the idea of letting hundreds of people give us their take on this and see what you/they all come up with. We are pretty open to what people may send us, and it is our hope that this process will actually solidify what it is that are looking for, as we do not really know ourselves at this point. We are hoping it will kind of be more of a "we'll know when we see it" kind of thing.

All of that said, we are open to both image-only as well as a combo of image and text both.

COLORS: you will see that we marked "designer's choice" on the color choice section of this survey. That is because we are really kind of open to that being a variety of options via the submissions to this project. I will tell you that my wife and I are the sole owners and employees of our company. We like lots of colors. However, we do want to make a couple of notes here as it did not give us the option to do so on the color choice screen.

1) We don't really want the logo to have a bunch of brown, if any at all. That isn't to say that if it works well with the rest of the design and is used for accents or lining that we would be totally opposed to it....but we don't want a poop brown logo, which probably goes without saying quite frankly.

2) When we opened our office, we had left another company for which the logo was text-only and had a color scheme of green and purple. So while we are not opposed at all to green or purple being in the logo in some way, shape, or form, we do NOT want a logo that is JUST green and purple.

3) Other than the two points above, we are really open to just about anything color-wise. The main brand that we use and which is the company who develops the scans that we use literally has about every color that you guys gave the options for except for brown. I will try to upload a picture of the logo(s) they use, but suffice to say that the colors are vibrant and are yellow, green, purple, blue, orange, and red with the text in grey. I am NOT saying that I want you guys to do this for our logo but rather that we like the vibrant nature of the colors they have chosen.

I realize I have said a lot here without really saying much at all simultaneously. My hope is that you will be able to take all this information and just use it to kind of subliminally guide you towards sending us lots of different options. I don't want to limit you too much but also want to give you some idea at least of what we are looking for in a general sense.

We are a health and wellness business so obviously we want our logo to convey the themes of a vibrant life full of joy and wonder. We want people to see it and for it to make them happy, for it to elicit the emotions of happiness and peace but also the feeling that they CAN take charge and gain the confidence and tools needed to turn their lives around and/or to continue with the certainty that they will never lose control over their health.

.....I personally have no idea how to elicit those things which is why I'm hiring and leaving it up to all you out there to help us figure out how to accomplish this :)



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- Logo (also part of this project)
- Business Name: Sage Rivers Wellness LLC
- Both our names on card:
Eli & Jessica Bowling (Owners)
- Phone numbers:
Eli's cell: 812-486-9326
Jess's cell: 812-787-0792
Office: 812-824-WELL (9355)
- Email: SageRiversWellness@gmail.com
- Address:
5229 S Old State Road 37
Bloomington, IN 47404
- Tagline: It's never too late to be healthy!


Literally will leave this up to you guys 100%. We want it to stand out in a pile of business cards. We are not overly concerned with the card looking overly professional. Obviously we don't want it to look like a 3rd grader drew a picture for the fridge and that was made into a business card but at the same time we are more focused on it looking vibrant, standing out, and eliciting the same things I mentioned when it comes to our logo. We want it to make people see it and feel happy, confident, and like we are an open book, welcoming them into our wellness family and helping them to feel comfortable working with and talking to us. We want people to see our logo and our business card and think "I like these guys and feel like I can trust them"....not in the kind of way that a medical doctor wears a white coat and is an authority figure but more in the way that a best friend can give you tough love and the advice and direction that you need but also make you feel good about yourself at the same time and lift you up and empower you. That is truly what we are all about and the way we approach our client care every minute of every day.

FYI - the reason our cell numbers will be on this card is because every one of the 3500+ clients we have put through our programs gets our personal cell numbers and is able and told to call or text us day or night, weekend or evening, holidays and all. We take client care very seriously but approach it all in a loving and compassionate way that leaves our clients feeling supported and uplifted.

Additional Info

Honestly I could probably write a novel in this section as you can probably imagine after having read the rest of this project's/survey's answers thus far.

We are extremely passionate about helping other people. Part of the reason for this is that it gave me my own life back. May 30th of 2006 I fell off a cliff and broke my L1 vertebrae in my spine in two places. I was 20 years old. I spent literally every single day of the next 9.5 years in pain every single day. I did not sleep more than 2 hours at a time for the entire decade either. And I had packed on about 40 lbs. Doing this program, I was able to lose 32 lbs in 26 days. I also had NO back pain and was sleeping through the night within the first 6 days of the program. It is for these reasons that I feel almost indebted and obligated to spread this program and the knowledge and tools it provides to as many others in the world as possible. It is our mission to help people in every way we can for as long as we can and as much as we can every single day for the rest of our lives if we are so lucky to do so.

Our programs are 100% all natural (no drugs, hormones, shots, stimulants, prepackaged foods, appetite suppressants, etc). If there was a single word to sum up what our program does for the body, that word would be "Balance". We scan clients with technology that allows us to assess thousands of factors in the body and figure out exactly what is in and out of range for each person and customize a program for each individual specifically. We give them a personalized food list and the nutritional supplements that will provide the exact building blocks needed for that person to get into a high metabolic, fat burning state in which the body goes to work healing itself with lightning speed.

We truly do not have "competitors". The current healthcare system, much less the programs, diets, and protocols for losing weight and keeping it off, are just flat out broken. People are doing the wrong kind of exercise, eating the wrong kinds and amounts of food, and when you look in the media there are so many conflicting pieces of information that it's no wonder that people do not know what to do or where to turn.

It is our mission to be a beacon of light in the pile of lies and fog of misinformation so many are trying their best to wade through and pick apart, looking for answers and solutions. Once clients come in for the 100% free consultation, pretty much everyone signs up for the program because we are connecting the dots for them that no one else is telling them about. We are showing them why things like mood disorders and acid reflux are inextricably connected or what their cholesterol and joint pain have to do with each other. When you can show people that not only is there a reason they feel the way they do aside from the line "it's just part of getting old" that their doctor has fed them, but also show them that there is a very fast and effective way to turn those things around, it gives them a sense of hope and control that they have been lacking for often years, even decades.

After we educate people about the truth of what is really going on in their bodies and how they can carve a path out of the life they are living back towards the life they have been missing and/or longing for, we walk hand in hand with them every step of the way. They get our cell numbers, and we even have an A.I. (artificial intelligence) text program they report to daily that assists in coaching them along the way.

Yes a lot of this is very technical and I could go into more detail about the cellular hydration, state of autophagy, oxidative stress reduction, and so on. Really though, more than anything we want all of our messaging, imaging, and so forth to just get people to realize that there IS a solution, that they CAN feel great again (or for the first time), and that someone is here to help for the long haul, even if that means we need to be their accountability for years and years. We aren't here to preach or belittle or push our agenda but rather to educate, empower, coach, mentor, and be a friend.

Hopefully we can get a logo that somehow embodies this. Thanks in advance for all the help!

- Eli & Jess Bowling



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