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Reyris is international consulting and distribution company.

Based in Croatia, but also focusing on neighbouring countries and Europe.

Full service company primarily emphasizing consultation services for international investors. Focusing especially on business of distribution of luxury goods.

We provide services in both domestic and international arenas.

Reyris is also committed to providing reliable services designed to fit our clients needs. We strive for the excellence of our clients.

Our team emphasizes: Responsiveness in aiming to serve our clients needs promptly and efficiently and communication by maintaining close relationships with our clients and regularly providing updates. We enhance our clients recognition in domestic and international communities via the latest in media and networking.

Finally, we demonstrate professionalism and provide the highest quality of service to our clients at all times.

At the moment we represent and distribute Peggy Sage french cosmetic company for Croatia, do consulting business for Valvoline motor oil company for central and eastern Europe, represent Flock the social web browser for Europe, distribute Apple computers in Croatia and Bosnia, and represent Leteci, a major travel agent in Croatia.

So, we do many different things in many countries and hopefully logo could portray this versatility.

We need a general logo for business cards, letterhead and one we can use for building signage.

Customers are on one end big international companies which need representation in Croatia or in Europe, and on the other end customers are buyers of their products on a local level.

For both of them we want them to think about Reyris as a professional, modern and versatile company.

We like simple, modern design even abstract. Fonts like arial, colors like black and brown, also orange, red and dark purple, but not limited to those.



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