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Hello all you talented creative people...

We're a small user-centred design & experience consultancy in London. We've been around for 8 years and we'd like a bit of a visual wash 'n' brush-up, so we're looking for a new logo and some stationary. (We'll also need a new website sometime this year, but we're starting with the logo and stationary first).

What do we do?

Well, first of all - why is a "design" company asking someone else to design their logo for them? Well, it's because although we do design things, we're not graphic designers. We design experiences and interactions - not great logos.

Our work is all about helping companies make better product and business design decisions by helping them look at the world through a different set of eyes - the eyes of their customers. We use lots of different tools to help bring about this shift in perspective for our clients. One tool we use a lot is "ethnography". This is where we take designers, executives, engineers and marketers from our client companies and introduce them to their customers. They visit people's homes, they meet their families, their friends and pets, they hang out, they see how the products they use fit (or don't fit) with their needs and their daily lives.

Then we bring those clients back to their own worlds and help them put into practice what they've learned. This can be through collaborative design, prototyping, innovation boot camps and brainstorms. Anything that helps to make tangible the ideas that we've helped them come up with.

Then we take those ideas and prototypes and test them out with real people. Sometimes we do this in our usability labs, sometimes we do it through diary studies and fieldwork, sometimes we hire people and do roleplays.

The whole aim is to shift the client's perspective (in fact someone once used the phrase "detectives of perspective" to descibe us) so that they stop looking at the world through the eyes of their brand and start looking at their brand through the eyes of the real world. Through doing this we hope to reduce the number of badly-thought-out, frustrating and just plain pointless products that exist in our world. We're basically on a mission to try and reduce the volume of mediocre, annoying junk in this world.

So that's what we do. What kind of logo do we want? Well the name of the company ("amberlight") made the colour orange an obvious choice for our initial logo, but we might be due for a change - see what you can come up with. We need to have the name, obviously, but apart from that we have no fixed ideas about whether to have any kind of icon or image. If you do go down this route though, try to avoid the more obvious images for "research" like magnifying glasses, clipboards and so on. Remember that most of what we do is about trying to understand people and their lives and the things that they have to do every day to get through their lives, not about white-coated scientists studying people under a microscope.

We're also sometimes known as "amberlight partners" so maybe try to play around with that wording too. We don't have a slogan really, so you don't need to work that into it.

So that's it. We look forward to seeing what you can come up with. Thanks!



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