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Practice Advisory Group facilitates sound business decision-making for healthcare professionals. By sound, we mean:

Grounded on reliable information,

Predicated on proven successful business principles,

Instructed by experience, and

Measured against best practices within the industry.

Information is the foundation of good decision making and PAG excels in gathering, organizing, and analyzing good information. Information both internal and external to a practice helps to shape strategies specific to circumstances. Information technology plays an important role in capturing reliable information in an efficient manner.

Successful business principles create boundaries within which to operate and make decisions. One simple example is the principle of comparing marginal cost vs. marginal benefits. The questions of what is the cost? and what is the benefit? should always be asked with every decision, whether explicitly or subconsciously. PAG associates are all professionally trained and educated in business principles, with masters degrees in business administration.

Experience is perhaps the best educator there is. While theories based on analysis and reason are important, they are no substitute for practical, hands-on experience. PAG partners with and employs individuals with proven track records in the industry with masters degrees from the school of hard knocks.

Benchmarking is a way to set goals and standards for achievement. Benchmarking can illuminate the competitiveness of your practice as well as fuel the drive to improve in light of past performance. PAG professionals are aware of and have access to the data necessary for such analysis.


We need a "look and feel for our company". This includes a logo/color scheme that can be used on stationery, a website, and possibly clothing. Our immediate need is a logo and a business card. The look, feel, and color scheme of these things will later be transferred to a website on possibly clothing down the road. Stationery we will use will include letters, brochures, invoices, envelopes, business cards, and flyers.

About a year ago, a graphic designer developed a logo for me, but I'm not really sure how to use it on a business card or other stationery and I'm not sure I like the color scheme. I do like the logo, so it may be as easy as working with what I already have, but it also might be easier to start over. I will attach the files that I have.


Our audience is physicians who work in private practices that are small to mid-sized (5 to 30 physicians). Physicians that will be interested in our services will generally be younger and more savvy with information technology and the role it can play in their seeing patients.

Compared to other consulting companies that provide similar services, our group is younger, more IT savvy, more educated specifically in business principals, with masters degrees in business administration, and experience in the management consulting industry.



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