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Playmasons, LLC is a young Game Design company that comes from a tradition of designing mostly real-world board game designs. Business partners Jeff and Steve have both come from creative backgrounds. Steve a writer and Jeff having worked for various game design companies as far back as 25+ years ago, when he designed and published "Sword of Fargoal" through Epyx in 1983.

About five years ago Jeff went on to work for Front Porch Classics, a Seattle-based traditional game design company, and last year Playmasons, LLC was formed to continue designing board games, iPhone games, and other game projects in which games are used for fun or educational purposes.

Playmasons' largest contract recently was to design an educational game for Sound Transit's Link Light Rail in the Seattle metropolitan area. Link Light Rail is now offering commuter rail services all the way from downtown Seattle to the Seatac Airport, with an above-ground portion of about seven miles through Seattle's "Rainier Valley" area. Our task was to provide an educational game to 11,000 elementary and middle school aged kids that could teach them eight key safety lessons about how to be safe around tracks and trains -- especially while crossing the street. We felt that a game was the best way to teach the kids, rather than trying to lecture to them or just give them a coloring book. That, along with the great website that some of our project-partners have created -- here: http://www.zaponboard.com/ -- have been considered very successful by Sound Transit and other safety experts!

We also recently won a contract with the City of Seattle to promote a European-style parking system where people can be directed to participating parking garages within the downtown area which have open spaces that people can park for short-term visits -- as they might with traditional street parking. A future aspect of that project may be to create an iPhone App that helps people know which parking garages they can use -- but during the pilot part of the project a game will also be part of the App.

Playmasons also now owns and operates the annual "Emerald City Search" in Seattle -- a city-wide treasure hunt that takes place in September or October. This year the subject of our Search will be "music," and it will launch on August 26th, 2009 and run for 10 days, leading up to a large Seattle arts festival called "Bumbershoot." Bumbershoot will be one of our Community Partners, helping to promote the event. You can check out the official website at: http://www.emeraldcitysearch.com/

In 2010 we expect one of our board game designs to be released in stores, and we also expect to have one or more iPhone Apps in progress and/or ready for release early next year.


We would like a logo, business card, and stationary package for our company that can be at the same time fun, professional, and clear in its communication. Our initial temptation would be to concentrate on "fun" because we design games, but it is important to realize that if we are to also be going for large contracts and government jobs, we also need to be "serious" in our approach. We think it is possible to be both "fun" and "serious" at the same time, and that is a great challenge to put forth to you!

Our current (temporary) logo has a single word, PLAYMASONS, LLC, with "PLAY" being more bold than "MASONS," but both words run together. We are not a big fan of PlayMasons with a capitalization in the middle of the word, since that is getting out-of-date. We also want to be careful about "Play" and "Masons" appearing on a separate line, though that is not as taboo to us as the other point. The card should appear high-quality, clean, and simple, but having color graphics is ok if desired. The letterhead and other elements should also be clear, clean, and legible. While "fun" is important, the "serious" part is important here as well.

We will upload our "temporary" logo we have been using, but that should NOT guide or influence your design much at all.


Government agencies, private companies, and individuals who recognize the value of "games" and "play" as being a method of education and information for their clients or the general public! Games can teach a kid about train safety. An iPhone App with an interactive map of downtown Seattle can show all the parking garages and the amount of available spaces, but it can also contain a "game" that can encourage the App user to keep using it and enjoying it and coming back for more!

We also will be releasing games directly to the public through the App store, as well as having our mark on traditional game boxes, etc., found in Barnes & Noble bookstores, etc.


NOTE: "Playmasons, LLC" is written like this in written language. It can be upper/lower like this, or it can be all-caps like this: "PLAYMASONS, LLC" (and you can play with PLAY being more bold if you want. The "MASONS" part is meant to relate to the "building" of games and ideas -- hence the architectural element of "masons" -- and less of a reference to "Freemasons," the brotherhood. We should stay away from that kind of imagery. Our subheading has often been "Architects of Fun," but we also might use, "Education Through Play," or something like that!



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